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  • Which shoes are suitable for summer wear and look good?

    The weather in summer is hot. Men's shoes should be loaded with these shoes' classic sports shoes. These shoes are very suitable for wearing when the weather is relatively cool, and they are fashionable and beautiful. reebok pump However, in the summer, these sports shoes will indeed be compared. Feet. First, canvas shoes. Canvas shoes is definitely the most suitable for wearing a shoe in the summer, the material of the upper is relatively breathable thin fabric, in the summer to wear this kind of shoes more comfortable, not stomp.

    Because a lot of shoe brands are now introduced some of the canvas shoes are very stylish design, and a lot of clothing can be, relatively small fresh and a little van art fan. For younger boys, this kind of canvas shoes is definitely a kind of shoes that is very suitable for summer wear.

    Second, gauze sports shoes. Gauze sports reebok shoes shoes are the best ones for breathability in all sports shoes styles. They are suitable for wearing in summer sports.

    Many people will find this kind of gauze sneaker design a bit strange, but in fact, the fashion sense of this gauze sports shoes is very reebok outlet store strong. The upper design of the gauze net makes the shoe itself more layered and the upper is softer.

    Third, Peas shoes. This reebok store shoe is a men's shoe that has been popular in recent years. The design of the shoe is relatively large. Although there is no big feature in the material of the shoe, the overall breathability is still very good.

    In addition, this shoe design is also very fashionable, with a little retro fashion sense, for young people who take the cultural route is obviously a very good choice. In general, it is most suitable to use this kind of shoes with jeans.

    2018-05-23 10:15:29
  • Heels wear proposal Wear heels attention

    Wearing 4-6 cm high heels is most helpful for weight loss. This high reebok running shoes level of shoes can reebok running shoes effectively consume the metabolic speed of waist and belly fat and make your lower abdomen flat and sexy! But often wearing 4-6 cm high heels, the biggest problem is that it will make your back pressure increases, resulting in a sense of soreness.

    Solution: It is recommended that you change your soft mattress while you sleep and reduce back pressure. In addition, when the back muscles are stiff, the coldness is more likely to invade the bladder through the back and you will feel cold hands and feet, and the immunity will be reduced. Experts suggest that you do not wear a halter, so as not to catch cold on the back!

    When the height of the heel rises to 6-8 cm, your body's center of gravity will naturally move upwards while walking. A study found that if you wear 7cm high heels for 2 hours, the neck stiffness will increase by 22%, health experts usually do not recommend long-term face of the computer OL wear 6-8 cm high heels, this will only make your neck Getting tired!

    Solution: It is recommended that you take off your shoes every time you wear 2 hours of high-heeled shoes, allow your feet to rest for 15 minutes, and do some moderate foot massage. Focus on the first 1/3 of the soles of the feet that can relieve muscle tension. Yongquan. In addition, if your heel height is between 6-8 cm, do not wear a heavy necklace to avoid overstressing your neck.

    More than 8 cm heel, your body's center of gravity will continue to move when walking, Temple University's medical experts found that often wear more than 8 cm high heels women, often have neurological headache, eye pain, retinal pressure It will be 25% higher than the average level.

    Solution: If you really like this feeling of superiority, I suggest you must eat more green vegetables rich in vitamin A, to provide adequate reebok pump nourishment for the retina, so as to avoid sudden loss of vision after work. In addition, do not wear contact lenses while wearing high-heeled shoes, so as to avoid neuropathic eye pain.

    A pair of slim pointed high-heeled shoes can really add a lot of femininity to you, but reebok shoes health experts at the University of New England in Australia pointed out that often wearing pointed and high-heeled shoes will make women lose their sense of balance and the possibility of motion sickness and motion sickness will greatly increase.

    Solution: If you wear more than 3 times a week with pointed high heels, I suggest you do 1-2 times a day for health experts recommended "finger exercises", it can effectively improve the concentration of cerebellar nerve cells, so you have a strong Balance ability.

    "Finger exercises" method: Two hands clasped each other hard against each other, when the left hand up and right hand, the left palm finger joints hold the right finger, the right finger to keep straight state for 5-6 seconds; Similarly, when the right hand up left hand, right Hold your left finger in the palm of your hand and keep your right hand straight for 5-6 seconds. In accordance with this action, repeat the palm curling 30 times and do it every morning and evening.

    The heel and wedge heels have relatively less health impact. They can help the body maintain a certain balance and will not make you feel dizzy due to the intense work. Heel and slope heel high-heavy, will bring greater pressure on the foot, often wearing, will make you lower extremity edema, fat!

    Solution: It is recommended that you beat the meridians in the legs, focus on the biliary tract located on the lateral side of the thigh and the bladder on the calf, and beat 2-3 times a day until you reach a slight pain and sweat. Frequently tapping the meridians in your legs can speed up the metabolism of lower limb fats and help you discharge toxins from your legs!

    2018-05-21 10:19:46
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