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  • Do not wear high heels, but also make your legs change length

    Speaking of platform shoes, I can't help reminding me how many years ago the puffy sole thickness of platform shoes made many people resistant to it, but later it was a mess because she saved a group of small men who were too tired to wear high heels. This autumn, as the fashionable fine sandals gradually recede, the platform shoes have returned! reebok shoes If you are still immersed in the residual image of the platform shoes in the early years, do not be afraid, today I'll talk to you about how to wear a platform shoes will not Changing the disaster will also bring you hope that you will rekindle your love for platform shoes. First of all, the thickness of the choice reebok pump is very important and reasonable height can stretch the leg lines will not appear too thick followed by collocation, choose a favorite platform shoes, ride is not really very soil, reebok outlet how to take? With trousers is one of my wall crack recommended outfit method, through the trousers cover the soles of the shoe, cleverly created a kind of surface light and clear, in fact there are heaven and earth, who do not know how high you are in the end. With nine-point lengths of slim jeans, showing ankles is also very good-looking, upper body is a smart style suit, simple and neat gas field, even if reebok classic the commuter goes to work, it is also very appropriate.

    And the thick-soled shoes and silhouette coats of autumn and winter are really matched, if you use thin high-heeled shoes to grow up with autumn, there is always a top-heavy feeling. Can be replaced with platform shoes, the ratio is very comfortable. A high degree of certainty is also very important. Do not be too high. If you are overly high in shoes, you will lose balance even if it is not in high heels.

    2018-03-20 10:15:26
  • Peas shoes sweet taste, give you a taste

    Peas shoes, from the soles and heels of 133 rubber pellets, like a small Peas, is not super cute, many brands will be willing to retain their most basic qualities to create, such as sweet and lovely inside Wind, exquisite shoes, beautiful version, you must try it! The beautiful and beautiful flower is supposed to be commensurate with the girl. It perfectly integrates with the Peas shoes and shows a beautiful picture. In addition to the flowers, bow tie elements are also cute and charming. The pointed bean-pea shoe version makes the reebok outlet store feet more elegant and each step is an imprint. The round beanie shoes are a lovely model, and the overall look is very mellow. The kind of Qiaoshengsheng feels really good. The range of requirements for the Pea-Dee Pea shoes of the Department of Literature is even wider. Whether students or white-collar workers like this, they are comfortable enough. The unique design of the two straps creates a strange brilliance on the back of Qiao Shengsheng. The combination reebok shoes of metal buttons and leather is highly textured. Even a solid color design will not feel monotonous and boring. Super handsome British style shoes, girl's heart bow is the biggest highlight, with the elegant and elegant square head is even more standard, with a little low after the two can be perfectly high and can demonstrate temperament, is not it Great! The big square bean peas shoes are both casual and work shoes. They are very versatile and practical. The bows with unique shapes are very young girls! The biggest advantage is that you can expose the feet of the United States and the United States. The color is also very small and fresh. reebok classic The literary clean little calfskin shoes and the girl's heart bow have great ambitions. The round-headed Mary Jane style brings us back to the era reebok pump of retro classics. The smooth and elegant uppers are full of lines and feels very design. Very creative egg roll peas shoes, a variety of color intertwined very harmonious, constitute an extremely attractive art map. The full design of the lace design is very careful, elegant tip is feminine!

    2018-03-16 10:43:11
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