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  • Height is not enough to take what? Three high and reebok running shoes small skills

    Many short boys do not feel good with the clothes, but in fact, as long as the master some small skills, by changing the proportion of clothing, you can easily increase in the visual. Even if not a second into a long leg, but still in the dress style to make themselves look tall hat is a lot of boys essential items, simple and reebok pump clean, full of fashion, but also able to wear a sub-fashion sense The But the short boys in the choice of hoodies when you can not choose in recent years, popular style, but should choose a little shorter hoodie, just below the waist, reebok pump trousers above just in the choice of pants, not a very High boys choose the best thin pants, do not choose loose trousers, this will let the waist line down, it is the whole person legs particularly short striped pants is the best choice, can effectively achieve the extension effect. In addition, in the pants with the dark belt can be, low-key to improve the waist, the trousers rolled up can also be visually increased

    A little bit of high-help shoes not only will not show legs short, and can increase the effect of long legs. But pay attention to the high to help the shoes do not match too tight pants, loose and comfortable pants, you can wear out the streets of the influx of people

    2017-10-20 10:07:54
  • Tide shoes tide shoes, will take you that is the tone of the man!

    Usually male dress up, will be too early to set their own label. Self-styled, do not do a new attempt is not enough attention to detail, ignore the ankle! The In fact, all kinds of colors of flower socks, they can not only get rid of monotonous, dull atmosphere, but also with the body of other colors echo, and then with a pair of simple shoes just fine. A set of brown suit, coupled with reebok outlet a green shirt, seemingly ordinary dress, but in the details of a sense of exquisite. Ankle with a pair of purple socks. Not only break the boring, but also echo with the color of the shirt, after embellishment, with a new LooK. Purple is a very noble color, that in order to create a sense of elegance from reebok classic the inside out, you can choose a pair of black high quality shoes, light design, very suitable for successful people. Regardless of the aesthetic of men is difficult to start a great change at once, if you want to complete a slow transition, you can first choose black socks, but socks to be higher than the trousers! The Wearing a pair of shoulder pants with a white T-shirt, and then a glasses box hat embellishment, the following black socks more wild, you can match the black and white hit the reebok classic color of the shoes, very type. reebok pump If you choose a light colored two-color stockings must choose a pair of dark shoes, if the fear with the wrong words, which would be preferred black. Because the shape of the black is not easy to lead people to the top-heavy feeling. Multi-color socks in the ankle expression will be relatively rich, for autumn and winter, the three-color sports socks is more popular style, with the actually choose leather jacket plus light cloth pants, and then wear a pair of small shoes All right. Shoes for thin feet to wear, you can not wear socks, but in fact also depends on with, after all, shoes is the finishing touch of the items, in fact, with three-color socks, the overall style is also very type. It should be noted that the choice of three-color socks and dress style uniform. Interesting sweater, striped hem, waist details on the complete, and then choose a pair of shoes with no formal, is a good choice. Black shoes are very significant temperament, and the upper body of the red sweater echoes, coupled with the ankle at the meticulous expression. On the one hand to build British style, on the other hand is the aristocratic atmosphere.

    2017-10-18 10:27:38
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