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  • Casual shoes make you enjoy walking in them

    ?Men, it is best to wear than a pair of reebok pump casual shoes, and keep reebok shoes a stylish gesture in the fall and winter seasons, so that you will be particularly dazzling in every corner of the moving. Sports shoes, white shoes wild classic, how to wear all look good. Metallic decoration full of personality, golden splicing is very brisk, side zipper is also a classic fashion elements. British style casual shoes, simple low-cut shoes, all black design, wild fashion, rock British full range. The perfect shoe, the upper legs stood high-end, with stovepipe dark jeans, British Van immediately show. Men's casual shoes, white shoes, but thousands of years, but also reebok outlet store how each shoe must have prepared two or three pairs of classic round head design, followed by black and white hit the color mosaic, breathable and comfortable.

    Sports shoes, exquisite fine print, colorful and without losing the atmosphere, and even the shoes are with casual patterns, boys cool and confident fashion essential, go reebok shoes straight to the streets look back the absolute leverage. Leisure lazy shoes, life is movement, in an increasingly concerned about the health of today, how a rare pair of comfortable sports shoes, sports fashion style, black and white hit the color mosaic, exudes a strong trend of the atmosphere. Men's Business pointed shoes, round lace, three-dimensional full, pointed shoes design, urban tide men's favorite, embossed show upscale high quality, can be formally casual, the gentleman essential.

    2018-02-09 10:38:48
  • Learn to choose the right heels, make you more feminine

    High-heeled shoes as if born on behalf of the feminine, so as a woman reebok pump if you do not wear high heels, it would charm a bit worse than the others. But high heels are not that easy to wear. Want to wear a pair of high heels, wear temperament charismatic, then the minimum requirements at least these shoes to fit. Here's a look for novices, high heels how to choose? First of all, as a person who has just started to contact high heels, the heel should not be too high, starting with two or three centimeters, slowly adapting, that can control, plus four or five cm. In fact, Xiaobian think high-heeled shoes do not have to wear too high, almost enough, but it gives too high a feeling of disharmony. There is, novice choose thick with more fine than with more easy to manage. Walking posture is also very important, many people wear high heels, the back involuntarily camel, this is the position is wrong. When walking in high heels to remember the center of gravity really behind rather than the reebok running shoes front. Also, when walking is the first heel to the ground. Finally, do not step too far, especially if you are not reebok pump going yet.

    Fine with the most often reflects the feminine, coupled with the pointed design, the most vividly demonstrated femininity. The texture of the suede sheepskin, so that the upper has more texture, while bringing delicate touch, wear soft and comfortable feet. The word buckle design, adjustable elastic, so easy to take off the shoes, but also has a certain degree of ankle modification. In addition to refreshing fabric uppers bring wear-resistant folding effect, so wear a more soft fit, but also make the whole pair of shoes look more texture. Bow decorated with shoes on the bow to help decorate an elegant sweet temperament. There are retro with the rough design, so that walking more smoothly, but also lengthen the proportion of legs. Plaid thick with the design, bringing retro fashion at the same time wearing is also very comfortable. Compared with the thin heel shoes, thick heel shoes for reebok outlet novices is more stable, and the square design with the plaid elements, showing a retro fashion sense. Fine with the pointed tip seems to represent the women's elegance and sexy. Simple and stylish design is also wild, and shoes are covered with fuzz, even in winter wear also brings the warmth of integration.

    2018-02-07 10:37:10
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