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  • How to choose the right pair of sandals for your child in summer

    As the sunlight becomes increasingly dazzling, take off the little black shoes in spring and put on cool, comfortable sandals in the summer to run in summer. How to choose a suitable pair of children's sandals for children is a problem that many mothers must consider. Here are some tips to buy children's sandals. The child is still young and has not built up his own concept of comfort and proper reebok running shoes size. Parents can only intuitively know if the shoes are good-looking, but the actual wearing is not comfortable. To a certain extent, parents are not very understanding. This is a problem that many parents have not noticed. Sandals have large and small openings. Large openings are prone to the phenomenon of forward sliding of the foot. The child is consciously or unconsciously grasping the toes to control the foot from sliding forward. Not conducive to children to form the correct walking posture. If the opening is too small, it will cause five toes to squeeze in reebok shoes the space of four toes or even three toes. Therefore, when parents buy sandals for their children, they need to pay attention to the proper size of the sandals, and choose the right size for the child.

    When buying shoes for children, many parents may choose shoes that are popular at the moment, but they may not be suitable for children. When buying popular sandals, you need to consider the child's foot development. For example, some parents think that girls wear shoes with a very good look, very cute, but in fact the child's heel height is too high and too short are not suitable. The child's foot development is not finalized. Wearing shoes with too high a heel can cause too much force reebok outlet on the forefoot of the foot, and even lead to deformation of the foot. The child's foot reebok pump is very delicate, and the quality and condition of the shoes will affect the development. Therefore, when choosing a child's shoes for children, be sure to go to a regular shopping mall.

    2018-05-25 10:15:48
  • Which shoes are suitable for summer wear and look good?

    The weather in summer is hot. Men's shoes should be loaded with these shoes' classic sports shoes. These shoes are very suitable for wearing when the weather is relatively cool, and they are fashionable and beautiful. reebok pump However, in the summer, these sports shoes will indeed be compared. Feet. First, canvas shoes. Canvas shoes is definitely the most suitable for wearing a shoe in the summer, the material of the upper is relatively breathable thin fabric, in the summer to wear this kind of shoes more comfortable, not stomp.

    Because a lot of shoe brands are now introduced some of the canvas shoes are very stylish design, and a lot of clothing can be, relatively small fresh and a little van art fan. For younger boys, this kind of canvas shoes is definitely a kind of shoes that is very suitable for summer wear.

    Second, gauze sports shoes. Gauze sports reebok shoes shoes are the best ones for breathability in all sports shoes styles. They are suitable for wearing in summer sports.

    Many people will find this kind of gauze sneaker design a bit strange, but in fact, the fashion sense of this gauze sports shoes is very reebok outlet store strong. The upper design of the gauze net makes the shoe itself more layered and the upper is softer.

    Third, Peas shoes. This reebok store shoe is a men's shoe that has been popular in recent years. The design of the shoe is relatively large. Although there is no big feature in the material of the shoe, the overall breathability is still very good.

    In addition, this shoe design is also very fashionable, with a little retro fashion sense, for young people who take the cultural route is obviously a very good choice. In general, it is most suitable to use this kind of shoes with jeans.

    2018-05-23 10:15:29
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