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A pair of running shoes can wear how long maintenance

Many people like to reebok running shoes wear running shoes, running shoes feel walking is cheerful, a pair of running shoes, the price is still a bit expensive, a pair of running shoes can wear it? This and your maintenance methods have a great relationship: there are senior running friends calculated, according to 40 years of running age count, only running shoes this one, you need to spend about 60,000 to 18 million, this is a sum Not a small cost. Said running must be poor three generations? Learn to maintain the method, not only can save money, but also allow shoes to better protect their feet. So, together to learn, on the maintenance of running shoes small coup.

Appropriate to run shoes to a "big health care" tools: old toothbrush or professional wash brush, kitchen paper towels, rags, detergent. Frequency: Wash every half a month. For: dust, dirt and gravel and other shoe scale.

1, cleaning:

The shoelaces and insole out, were washed; soles and the bottom part of the water can be washed directly, the upper part of the mesh can be wiped with a half dry cloth. If you encounter a red place is not clean, you can use the brush, dipped in a small amount of warm water and washing liquid for cleaning, but must rush clean.

2, drying:

First with kitchen towels or dry wipes dry water, and then into the cool and ventilated place to dry.

It is a good choice to fix the overall shape of the shoe with a support, such as old paper or paper used.

Generally do not use the washing machine or dryer, which is likely to damage the sole material material; do not in the sun exposure, whether it is the upper fabric, or the soles of glue glue, if the sun exposure, will reduce running shoes Of life.

If you have been wearing only a pair of shoes, the bottom of the small bubbles because of being compressed for a long time after the rebound but to recover, but lost the original structure. According to related research shows that long-term pairs of shoes to replace the wear, in the end part of the loss will be reduced by 50%. Therefore, two pairs of running shoes long-term replacement to wear, there will be 1 + 1> 2 effect In addition, the shoelaces and insoles can also have a pair of spare, easy to clean when there is a replacement. Of course, if too old, it should be replaced in time. Replace the old parts can extend the life of running shoes, value!

Special shoes, do not wear shoes to go shopping "sports shoes with casual wear" is the most common fashion dress, do not run outside the place to use your professional running shoes, which will exacerbate its consumption in the end, the end of life. If you really like, you can choose some suitable for everyday wear leisure models, small monster recommended Park7 leather version, both wild and practical, anti-splashing water and dust, the perfect response to your multi-faceted life. And like professional running shoes, or in the use of running more exciting!

Correct running, reduce weight, to run shoes to reduce the burden of running posture is not correct, will affect the life of running shoes.

For example, some people running muddy water phenomenon is too serious, which for running shoes heel wear will be very large.

Immediately correct the wrong posture, not only to extend the life of running shoes useful for their own protection is also useful. Step by step, do not start with a fool-like, every step down to lift slightly, do not rub the floor to run.

In addition, weight is also an important factor affecting the life of running shoes.

If you weigh more than 180 pounds, and your running shoes are in the end of the softer shoes, maybe about 500 km you should change the shoes. After all, excessive aging of running shoes, will give you cause additional damage. Do you lose weight for running shoes?

A pair of running shoes with your entry, a pair of marathon running shoes with you ... ... these shoes is not only your equipment, but also carries many of your good memories. Cherish, in order to better companions, let it in a limited life, better protect you, has been running down. Running shoes are generally running 500 to 600 km on the pair, if the maintenance is good, you can also extend for some time.