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Autumn shoes easy to wear feet? reebok pump 4 small coup to help you solve!

Fall to the fairy's shoes from the United States tired of high heels replaced by a variety of small white shoes, music shoes, grandma shoes, high heels, that no matter what the shoes, the new feet of a few days can always be tortured to death, Grinding feet grinding feet, is the hearts of fairy pain ah Not afraid of not afraid of Yo, small seven summed up a few tips to prevent shoes grinding feet, hoping to help all the little fairy Yo ~ ~ into the autumn fairies must be a wave to buy buy, buy back the shoes will have Slightly grinding feet, this time we need to wear a pair of thick points of socks, and then put on new shoes, with the hair dryer hot air against the foot of the site blowing for a while. Blowing the feet when the activities should be, and finally the shoes after cooling off the socks, the reebok classic new shoes will not wear the foot, is not very amazing ~ If the above is hot, then the next is the ice friends. Prepare two fresh bags inside the amount of water installed, and then the reebok shoes bag mouth tightly put into the shoes. Finally, the shoes with a bag set into the refrigerator freezer, the next day out of the foot of a try, hard and arrogant shoes seem to immediately become supple it!

Love to wear high heels fairy must know that high heels for a long time will be painful pain, especially 5 cm or more. In fact, master a little trick can immediately solve! Only need to use the medical tape to the feet of the index finger and middle finger attached to a piece of Oh ~ ~ secretly tell you the principle is super can effectively reduce the pressure on the soles of the foot ~ the above method has been able to solve all the problems of shoes grinding feet! The last one is a small seven years of experience friends. That is, before wearing shoes in the foot is easy to be grinding parts of the body lotion, super effective roar, most people I do not tell it ~ classic music shoes style, British fashion wind, retro Harajuku wind, the real good good shoes, Soft leather, the feet are comfortable not grinding feet. Comparison of intellectual maturity, take the simple dress line sister start is absolutely the most everyday shoes, low with the design, modification of the body at the same time will not be very tired, full of quality is very high price ~ flat design super daily, all girls are Need a autumn shoes, what clothes can be used together. More fashion mature some, the design of the toe is very big, very quality of a pair of shoes, the color is also very nice, easy to wear in reebok outlet autumn to ride, such a good shoe is certainly not the ~