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Bath cool, easy bath, indoor slippery slippers

?Cool slippers (Slippers), a casual wear in the summer, convenient, cool shoes. Cool slippers, accompanied by human origin and development, appeared thousands of years ago. After the people continue to its improvement, reebok classic and now the cool slippers is not only a practical shoe, but also a fashion, leisure means a unique product. Many celebrities have a soft spot for them, and reebok classic makes the "cool slippers" with a rich cultural color. Whether it is calm connotation, or classic wild, satisfied that some time to provide enough color choices, wayward preparation so much color, is to meet the needs of all! Bath cool, easy bath, anti-skid slippers. Shoes made of all materials, non-toxic no smell, to help with flexible, leaving no trace. Sole convex texture, anti-skid wear, more round small sucker design, can be used in a variety of ground. Medium and low use of EVA blowing fabric production, both flexible skin-friendly breath, and EVA health and environmental protection, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, more healthy. Featured soft material, the characteristics of soft skin care, can be free to turn 360 degrees, twisted not to hurt the shoes, let go to restore the original shape, slippers more durable.

Resistance anti-slip at the end: selected non-slip materials, non-slip performance, thick soles, not afraid of water, wear! ; A forming: a soft forming does not break, with a tough anti-bending and shape, bending can be restored; healthy breathable: not dull feet, and then the hot summer can also make your feet cool breathing; Better: the sole anti-skid ability design, anti-skid effect is strong, not ordinary slippers can be compared! Foot plate on a round of mellow massage particles, each step is doing massage. Men and women have, together at home dress up to sell Meng, while doing massage, or comfortable comfortable. Environmental protection slippers, comfortable experience: PVC environmental protection, clear lines, soft and comfortable, feel smooth, quick drying breathable performance is good, especially for the bathroom, home indoors. Environmentally friendly materials - soft and comfortable: the use of material design, bump massage, breathable, comfortable, easy to reebok running shoes deformation. Once a forming - smooth and beautiful: a forming soft, smooth alignment, with a simple meticulous; design aesthetics - quick-drying design: quick-drying design, streamline production, ease the foot pressure, wearing tired. Wear-resistant non-slip - PVC solid: the bottom of the use of healthy and environmentally friendly PVC, flexible, non-toxic and tasteless.

Warm and soft, comfortable experience: green PVC, clear lines, delicate texture, feel smooth, comfortable and soft, reebok classic thick waterproof, especially for spring and summer, home wear Oh! Environmentally friendly PVC - breathable comfort: hollow design, stylish and beautiful, breathable, skin-friendly, comfortable, not easy to deformation. Thick and soft - the temperature dry: not to miss the comfort experience, ease the foot pressure, wearing not tired. 360 degree flexibility - soft and comfortable: the use of high-density PVC new material, tough and durable and durable. Breathable, leaking, bathroom easy to use, thick soles, soft and comfortable, wear non-slip.