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Belt shoes are not just ballet dancers

People enjoy the beautiful ballet, while the fashion industry is crazy for the ballet shoes. In addition to let the toes stand up the toe, it is another major feature is the band, in the dance reebok shoes mainly from the fixed role. But also the band to give the shoes a unique beauty. Wearing a ballet shoes dancers seem slender lines, although the United States, just look at all feel hurt ah. Fortunately, the designers of the elements of ballet shoes into the daily footwear, we can always create this elegant taste. Europe and the United States bloggers have long been wearing a reebok outlet ballet tie shoes, to create a walking fashion textbooks. Leisure and ladies Fan, ballet tie shoes are matched with no sense of violation. Section of reebok classic the strap looks always have a retro taste, you can take a gorgeous feeling, it will also be visual color small feet. Material to be a little bit, or look like a bandage Oh Narrow straps will let the feet show a trace of sexy sexy, it is best to be more winding even more full, and therefore more suitable for a simple dress with.

This pair of shoes pedicure shoe lasts and fluffy fabric made of the upper effect is very stunning, the foot is very grade. Comfortable 2cm small rough with, stylish and comfortable. The design of the shoes is very close to the ballet shoes themselves, maximizing their characteristics. Flat down wearing a super comfortable, soft upper is not grinding feet. Thin lace looks very delicate feet, retro material to create a sense of fashion is not deliberately. Very characteristic of the two-stage bandage, wearing effortlessly. High heels, of course, comes with a charming attribute, because the elements themselves have a lot, the design can choose some simple and detailed style and avoid too fancy.

Flat with the most comfortable, in addition to the style will be more girl but not feminine. Style is also closer to the original appearance of ballet shoes, it is easy to find some special models. Fine under the thick heel out of the ordinary, 6.8cm height to wear not tired feet, pointed design is very modified foot type. This band does not have to bind their own Oh, but the side of the deduction. Round soles look full of girls shy sense, there is no extra design, but there are many kinds of straps are played, simple and wild. Long tie with a lot of fancy tied method, some effects can be very stunning, of course, there are many long straps do not have their own tied, it would be better. Select the time to pay attention to strap style, accidentally is the Roman shoes. Short straps wrapped around the number of laps, so the visual effect is more concise, suitable for not tied shoelace hand residual star, in the beginning when the choice of short banding is a smart practice. Full hand-buttonhole, fine fine wax with each other, the naked pink is very temperament. Low with absolutely good hold, is a worthy start of the wild shoes. Strap width is just right, the length of around the neck around the neck, not thin is not cumbersome. Work fine code number standard, bought the pro said comfortable Oh.