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Black and white must be wild?

First white: white is all the visible light mixed evenly, known as full color light. But also the color of the sun, is a symbol of light color. White bright, clean, healthy, fun. Simple, elegant, in people's feelings, white than any color are quiet, pure. But with the improper, but also give people with nothingness, desolate feeling. Again black: theoretically, black is no light, is colorless, in life, as long as the light or the ability to light the object is weak, will show a relatively black face. Black is the psychological impact on people can be divided into two categories. Negative class. For example, in the dark night or dark place, people will have the impression that there is loss of direction, loss of darkness, terror, trouble, sadness, depression, depression, grief, despair and even death. Active class. Black people get rest, reebok classic quiet, solemn, just set, determined. White high-top shoes with jeans are very seductive vision, never tired, matched with colorful lights, not only seductive, and still dazzling, standing in the crowd, is definitely the most gorgeous one! We use high-quality materials, breathable fresh, feel thin, flexible, superb technology, perfect car suture, cool and comfortable cool round more comfortable, more simple. Moisturizing perspiration breathable inside, effective net increase in internal ventilation and strengthen the air circulation system, always keep your feet dry and comfortable! Using the latest technology: USB charging light bar, the perfect combination of technology and the trend!

?Black is the same reason! Let us listen to the melody of light, let us become midnight elves, shine yourself, let our black and reebok classic white shoes become a bright spot in your reebok outlet shoe. Let it always accompany you around, no matter where you go, let us stay like your partner as your side, so you always easy, simple, light!