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Boys are not tall enough? Then shoes come together!

There are always handsome guy to ask me: height is not really flawed it? Really no woman love it? Whenever I see such a problem, the United States sister will be a bloody spurt - who said! Not enough height, shoes to Minato, first of all you need to choose a pair of both the body shape reebok pump modification, but also make you handsome casual shoes! Boys are not tall enough? Then reebok pump shoes come together! Small white shoes, but to create an excellent meat products, in addition, a small white shoes clean and fresh, visually "thin" effect, even if you choose a slightly thick soles shoes, you can also use white to Thick out and bring heavy feeling. Therefore, you guys can use this feature to choose thicker soles shoes, not only does not make the soles look too conspicuous in the summer is bloated, but also bring you a full sun juvenile temperament ! Pants with small white shoes in general is not recommended too long and wide, this nine pants long, slightly loose lace pants is very suitable for with white shoes, the overall look casual and generous, still very diminished Age it!

Small white shoes for the pursuit of sporty fashion and stylish boys, sports shoes, white shoes generally higher soles, so it will not give rise to "can increase" feeling yo! Martin boots is the choice of many boys the object, itself reveals a trace of fashion atmosphere, just look at it is very trendy, and Martin boots are generally thick and hard gas, heels are relatively high, boys wear Martin boots, inadvertently Will wear high tough wind! Martin boots with jeans to wear out of fashion handsome! Even the feet have become very old and old, still be able reebok pump to retro fashion, regardless of any fabric pants, can highlight the rough handsome style. Martin Black Martin lace boots are the most white Martin boots, jeans with a hole quite a fair share of it! However, it should be noted that the boys reebok outlet store are not high, it is best not to wear boots too high shoes, up to the ankle is good, otherwise the boots cut off the legs, accidentally it will become "Wu Dalang" it!