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Boys to wear high heels is what kind of experience? Listen to them

Many men feel that women wear high heels and nothing, but also very annoying complain, in fact, women wear high heels is really too painful, no, you try? To this end, the boys decided to challenge themselves, wearing a full day high heels to prove that girls really like to complain but the results are different with his thought. Wearing high heels, although very sexy, but you always have to wear a tight state, a relaxation, not only not beautiful, there will be Wei feet of the problem! As the high-heeled style, will let your feet forward, toes will be a great oppression, sometimes the heel will be dermabrasion! Long wear high heels, damage to their own legs is great, so try to choose 5 inside the following high heels! After trying to finish, really is not everyone can afford, all men do not say that women are too complained, it should be better care of her, care about her ~

High heels heel is not too high, wearing a little tired feet, still very temperament, retro color, is also very popular this year, wearing a very high-end, one word buckle design, looked feet white, Huanen! Fashion the new buckle high heels, wearing a very Western style, with the child is not too high, wearing not tired feet, the cortex is used in high-grade leather, wearing comfortable, breathable, not grinding feet, with a dress above the best The Shallow mouth of the shoes wearing a very sexy white feet, white feet, very feminine, is suitable for this season to wear, with reebok store a pair of jeans above, leisure style to get it! Every spring and summer will appear V home rivet shoes figure, and every time that is shining, rivets and patent leather can brighten the complexion, the instep reebok running shoes of the snake-like ribbon so that the instep is very full of visual, and also with a small Sexy and feminine. Rough with the style of high heels, wearing a little tired feet, but also to meet the increased desire to wear a very temperament, but also very high, the color of a total of three colors, each color is a good choice! The word with the high heels, wearing a super temperament, because the relationship with the rough, even wearing a whole day will not feel tired, both to meet the want to increase the crowd, but also allow those who do not wear high-heeled People are comfortable to wear!

This year seems very popular retro style, wearing a very sexy and charming, with a dress or a wide leg pants can be, wearing a very Western-style fashion, rough with the end of how to wear are not tired feet! Do not like high heels can try this single shoes, wearing comfortable, breathable, word buckle style, it seems reebok pump very sexy foot, thick with the small low with, to meet the increased desire, but also wearing not tired!