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Boys wear it wrong! This must not be 5 o'clock

In fact, boys wear is not difficult, even more than girls with the rules even easier. Do not wear clothes boys look over, let you change the time to wear handsome turned to! (Girls can this article forwarded to his boyfriend to see, so that her boyfriend has become more stylish and more fashionable yo) a lot of time you like the clothes do not necessarily suit you, a lot of clothes others wearing nice, you wear may not Handsome. Such as the same is a very formal suit, baby face boys do not wear, like a child wearing an adult clothes; but if it is the standard classical handsome guy put on, very seductive. Another example is a simple bottoming shirt, natural type of handsome guy can wear it very type, but the classic and romantic men do not have to think, put on almost with the underwear. So first to find the right for your section, do not look at others wearing handsome blindly follow the trend.

To know their own color for the first men is the most suitable for cool colors, because the cool colors highlight the men's calm, and the overall color of men than women dark, so the clothes to wear cool colors is undoubtedly appropriate. But can not be generalized, many men skin white, engaged in the work is very casual, no rigid dress, so cool and warm colors can be considered, but in terms of purity to be different, but also specific reference hair color, eyes to match Kazakhstan. reebok outlet Different types of work also have different color matching methods. Calm type of work please try to choose the same color with the fashionable work can be used to jump with color. After the beginning of the preparation of the beginning to cultivate aesthetics to see more men and women with the type of website, album, etc., reebok classic after a long time you will naturally know that this color should be with what color, what clothes should be with what shoes. Aesthetics is not born, but acquired in the day after tomorrow.

To do a genre is actually very costly, so still according to their spending power to buy clothes. Boys can not spend too much time in the dress, as long as the body is very good. Wearing a clean, comfortable, people kind of sunshine feeling. Summer is not afraid of hot up collar, winter is not afraid of cold rolled trousers. Believe me, the POLO shirt collar up a little will not increase your handsome, but will let you become a girl in private funny object. Washing retro jeans, the design of the cuff will increase the length of the leg to a certain extent, the design of the hole is very stylish ~ light-colored pants more summer flavor in the inside. Can be used with a white short-sleeved or vest can be. Comfortable breathable also wear-resistant, with a pair of small white shoes is super good-looking Oh ~ print short-sleeved simple and good match, summer boys must yo. Clothes feel very comfortable, comfortable fabrics, work is also super good. Wearing handsome sunshine, the fabric is also breathable. Slim effect is particularly good, but not the kind of special tight, a variety of color optional ~ fine workmanship, cotton material is very comfortable, very breathable, style is also quite Western style, reebok classic handsome, wearing a cool, comfortable type. Home wear or go out to wear are super wild Oh, a variety of colors, summer cool and comfortable to rely on it. Hole five shorts, very loose very long legs long. The fabric feels particularly comfortable, the quality is also good. Not as hard as the cowboy, this is relatively soft. Summer wear more comfortable breathable very good.