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Brilliant! Smooth leather shoes daily wear and maintenance

For the modern men, the foot of this inch but between the grace, taste, fashion contend, not only men pay attention to, many ladies first impression on men is often from the foot of the shoes that started. A pair of high-quality style glossy leather shoes can be said that business, fashion men's essential choice. In the long run, high-quality leather shoes can be more comfortable and comfortable when they are treated properly. However, they often have the texture and long-term vitality reebok store and long-term value for money. So what should we pay attention to in daily wear and maintenance? Damage to the shoes is often started from the heel, to develop a good habit of loosening the shoe again after it is necessary! When wearing lace shoes should release the shoelace, must not be hard to squeeze crowded, pay attention to some you can use the shoe assist. Leather shoes easy to dry after contact with water, which will speed up the damage of the leather, so for men who love to sweat wearing shoes must wear socks. Cedar wood brace is an artifact for men who love sweaty feet. It absorbs sweat left by the wearer to effectively eliminate the stink and smooth the folds, keeping the shoes' stretch and appearance, forever new.

Although the shoes after the maintenance of a certain degree of waterproofing, but due to contact with the water shoes do not deal with the timely dry deformation occurs, it is not recommended to wear rain. Weekday wear should also be given more rest time for leather shoes, of course, if the tooling leather shoes, you can rest assured that wear it. Dirty face to wash, and shoes for men is the second face, not clean the face will be matt. Cleaning is also a necessary step before maintenance to prevent the more dirty the more care. You reebok pump need some suitable tools to help you clean your shoes. Cleaning need to use three kinds of brushes: horse brush, side brush, brush soles. Flexible horse brush for brushing dust does not hurt the skin; side brush for cleaning the corner joints; brush selection of short hard brush soles to facilitate the removal of stolen soles and small stones soles. Remember to remove the shoelace when cleaning, so that in the follow-up maintenance will not dirty shoelaces, but also easy to clean with a hole. Into the shoe support can also help us effectively control the shoes. Maintenance is the best way to preserve the value of shoes, looking at a pair of dirty shoes in the hands to rekineen vitality, the kind of sense of accomplishment is inexplicable. Leather shoes in the long wear will gradually lose luster or even dry, it is due to the loss of fat skin performance. In addition to shoe soles to restore luster shoe upper, the more important thing is to nourish the leather, which is the most basic maintenance is the most important step. Will be wrapped in cotton on the fingers, a small number of times to draw a reebok store circle way to push the uniform uniform, you can immediately find the love shoes re Huan sheng.

Footwear there is a role that can be repaired shoes with false horizontal scratches. After the normal play shoes and milk, shoe care is also considered completed. Shoe wax and waterproof spray on the shoe wax can provide some waterproof shoes, dip the same amount of shoe wax evenly spread in the same way, after using the cloth polishing can also lighten the upper. And then spray waterproof spray, drip drip weekdays you do not have too much to worry about. Of course, this is not an essential step. At this point the maintenance of shoes is done. Rest assured to wear, intentions maintenance, at the foot of the pair of shoes to accompany you into and out of all kinds of occasions, as your intimate partner, let your footsteps! Of course, all of this premise is that you have to have a good pair of good shoes worth your care and maintenance.