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Canvas shoes and T-shirt is to open the younger age of the "key"

Memories of the Sentimental campus time, always wearing a pair of clean pure casual canvas shoes and T-shirts walk in the quiet campus, the young man's share of Sentimental and innocent can be reebok pump sparse words, so good memories is no matter how long the social experience are reebok classic wiped Can not go, so in the face of such feelings with simple canvas shoes and T-shirt to return to the Sentimental time it Casual and comfortable canvas shoes can not only take off age can be wild, what shape it can help you good control, simple T-shirt only change the value of the letter print elements can play a new pattern, these two simple Collide with each other, will produce a new fashion spark. Loose version of the design Slim was thin, but also bring out the lazy tide male Fan, brand custom cotton fabric soft and comfortable, excellent elasticity, as the streets Shuashuai the most suitable, but the colorful body of colorful printing Patterns highlight the tide of young people. Tide brand of fashion in this T-shirt to be able to interpret, custom version of the cotton comfortable fabric soft skin, slightly loose version of the type easily cover the small pot, simple round neck design simple and generous, arms and chest letters Printing joined the fluorescent color and hit the color of the elements, the overall trend of the moment burst burst open.

Selected high-quality crisp fabric, creating tough shoes, toe and soles of the white rubber and shoe body of the different colors have hit the color control, add a bit of visual beauty, soft and strong rubber outsole, whether daily or sports Can meet your needs, gun color dazzling knitted shoelaces excellent temperament, classic solid color selection with how are classic models. Simple small T-shirt can also wear out the trend of the street Fan, super loose version of the type can not only modify the body with a street hip-hop style, neat round neck design easy to wear, comfortable wild, simple letter printing and hand sleeves The layers of burly personality full, every little detail is so rich design sense. Love to play basketball you have it right, super soft cushion soles let you in the movement shock absorber, to the foot of the reebok outlet most intimate care, the appearance of atmospheric fashion with breathable mesh design, moisture perspiration, is the movement The best example of shoes, high-help design classic wild, how to wear are full of tide. Who said lazy shoes are not masculine, casual design more leisurely tide men temperament, classic solid color design fashion wild, how to wear will not go wrong, smooth shoes line more prominent your temperament Fan, breathable and comfortable Fabric and soft and strong rubber at the end of your heart to change the style of dress. A letter T-shirt and a pair of trendy shoes will be handsome to go out, do not need how gorgeous embellishment, do not need such a fancy decoration, simply like, you know, minimalist style is the most Can not pick the wrong.