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Casual men's shoes breathable Breathable leisure men's shoes how to choose What shoes breathable

What shoes breathable, from the point of view of the style of the shoes, the best breathability, than sandals, followed by the fish mouth shoes, they are not completely footed shoes. Most of the sandals have exposed feet, and there is an opening in the toe of the fish mouth shoes. It also has the effect of ventilation and ventilation. Both of these shoes are not suitable for winter wear.

Traditional breathable shoes, also known as "naughty shoes" "breathable shoes." Traditional breathable shoes, breathable effect is not good. Breathable shoes, the upper and the shoe body, surrounded by a vacuum hole, these air holes play a role in air convection, making the heat inside the shoe, by both sides of the air hole extrusion extrusion rise, run out from the shoe hole, resulting in Cold air falls, keeping the temperature inside the shoe low.

What shoe breathability is good, shoe making materials, are generally natural fiber fabrics and leather-based, modern shoes, chemical synthetic materials have gradually increased. From the point of view of the shoe's production materials, the ranking reebok running shoes of good breathable shoes is cloth shoes, leather shoes, rubber shoes and plastic shoes.

The production of shoes usually consists of four types of materials: the fabric (upper material), lining material, primer, and auxiliary materials. Therefore, the air permeability of shoes can be judged from these materials.

The fabrics of shoes mainly include leather, synthetic leather, textiles, rubber and plastics.

The lining of shoes is mainly cotton, sheep (mian) sheepskin, cotton wool, felt, artificial wool, elastic velvet and so on.

The main materials of shoes include hard leather, soft leather, imitation leather, cloth, rubber, plastics, rubber and plastic foam materials.

The accessories of the shoes mainly include eyelets, shoelaces, elastic fabrics, Velcro reebok shoes fasteners, zippers, silk, cotton, and linen (cords), nails, rivets, non-woven fabrics, cardboards, and inner heads. Leather, various decorations, supports, adhesives, and pastes.

Shoes are generally leather shoes, sports shoes, outdoor shoes, high reebok running shoes heels, travel shoes, sandals, cloth shoes, roll shoes, slippers, cotton slippers and so on. But shoes can also have a variety of classification methods:

1 According to wear objects, there are men, women, children and other shoes.

2 divided by season, there is a single, folder, cotton, cool and other shoes.

3 According to the material points, there are leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes and plastic shoes.

4 According to the process, there are sewing shoes, injection molding, plastic injection, molding, reebok classic vulcanization, cold sticking, sticking, slush molding, assembly and other shoes.

5 According to the purpose, there are daily life shoes, labor protection shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes, and heel shoes.

6 according to the style points, the head type has a square head, a radius head, a round head, a pointed round head, a pointed head; the heel type has a flat heel, a semi high heel, a high heel, a slope heel; the upper has a high profile, a low profile, and the middle system High system.