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Chelsea and pop up, but not with nothing else

Spring selection of shoes, boots are the highest frequency appears, but the type of boots so much, Martin boots, knee boots, ankle boots and so on. In the end which is the right is correct? Bitch sister want to say that today is to introduce this pair of Chelsea boots! It is not only a pair of short boots, it is a timeless fashion attitude, it is comfortable and durable, but also the only seemingly stupid neutral boots. Famous for being very good! It is so good, but will you really wear it? Classic single product must be equipped with classic wear method. The trousers neatly into the boots, because the boots themselves are not cumbersome details, so so you look like a special actress. At the end of the coat and pants are black, a pair of patent leather material Chelsea boots has become a bright spot. Slightly wider boots more suitable for the legs is not too thin people, the use of proportional comparison, long legs is so wear out. reebok running shoes In fact, choose a pair of matte leather shoes is also good, this pair of shoes heel is relatively short, so the above is also good comfort. Shoes, the overall version of the type is just right, so do not wear feet, very nice, there is this pair of shoes is very wild, with a tight pants will appear very long legs. Faded yoke like a gorgeous complex, advocating freedom and continued the leisure type grid.

In fact, the British retro style has been very popular, so this pair of shoes is also very fashionable, this pair of shoes is flat, so walking is also very comfortable, not tired feet, the details of these shoes part of the deal Very good, metal buckle these aspects are very delicate, the overall work of fine shoes. High wear resistance, uniform, dense, more texture, color and moist. Shoes are particularly beautiful, the total is enough. Details of the work is also very good and warm, very delicate packaging, cortex is relatively soft, wear foot feeling good. Zipper design wear is very convenient. Although it is a different fabric stitching, but the foot is no color difference! The cashmere is particularly warm. Very good look, upper body was long and thin legs, boots tube is not falling leg, it really love. Shoes to wear particularly comfortable, soft soles, upper leather delicate, a look is the first layer of skin. There is a hint of leather taste, black fashion and wild, the cortex is also very good, began to worry about the tip with a good, actually put on the special foot type, looks legs are very long. Wearing comfortable, shoe type handsome. Boots to wear a very long legs, but also thin particularly good looking, but also super wild.

Wardrobe must not be less comfortable shirt, and handsome Chelsea boots with wear, style, a soft and hard, put up just right. Said Chelsea boots can take everything is not exaggerated, light-colored sweater can weaken the loaded boy gas. Chelsea boots itself is very style, every day out of the street as long as put a large sweater is enough. With loose sweaters and pencil pants to wear out of Europe and the United States shape, never tired. Retro Chelsea boots, real wear with a strong easy. Rubber rough with the reinforcement soles, comfortable is justified, take off the complicated gorgeous coat, is a simple no dress nude makeup boots, give you the most simple and uncomfortable feel on the feet. Like looking for a boyfriend, why should not find the paragraph with the paragraph, and now popular warm men, all the way low-key care you go their own way. Boots fine reebok classic line and the sound of the perfect combination of rubber at the end, the overall style is a word cool, two words tide explosion! Whether it is chic or not sweet or soft and soft Meng Mengmei sister can be carefully matched according to their own temperament. Looking very tired feet actually very soft at the end is not tired, soles super comfortable to wear do not feel multiple, inside and outside the soles are very comfortable, shoes face is not stupid, especially with a good match. Shoes are not smell, put on just quite comfortable, shoes reebok classic reebok outlet fashionable, very appropriate foot, is not tired feet, heel height just, walking is stable, not tired, the tube is also high, can be a good modification of the legs , Suede looked very upscale, simple style is also very good with, code is positive, the quality is also very good, workmanship, shoes is very good, with not high walking is not tired, very stylish and generous simple.