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Children's foot malformations due to inappropriate shoes reebok pump many parents ignore

According to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, up to 91% of children have inappropriate shoes, and only 6% of them have had their feet examined and their feet crossed when they buy shoes. 23% of parents also simply do not know how to buy something that needs to be done! Too big shoes, may affect the baby walking, is not conducive to the development of the baby's big move, and too small shoes, long-term squeeze the baby's feet, it will lead to the baby's growth and development are affected. So, if you are 23% of them, then quickly learn how to measure the baby's feet, how to choose the more suitable baby shoes! The baby is so active that he can not really extend your feet to you and let you measure it. So, while the baby is asleep, we can stick a hard cardboard on the baby's foot, and then draw the outline of the foot with a pencil against the baby's foot. Then, the position of the heel as a starting point, the highest point of thumb to the reebok classic middle finger position for the translation of the end point, the length of the connection of two points is the baby's feet it!

The baby's first pair of shoes soles are best soft. Just learned to walk, the thinner the soles, the more flexible, the better the baby. Select the shoes can be hand folded, look reebok pump at the soles of the flexibility. Strong soles baby walking easy to fall, so do not wear hard shoes to the baby. The best soles have lines, you can slip and have the ability to grip. After the help to be strong shoes to fit, too soft and easy to slide. Do not give high-heeled reebok pump shoes to babies who have just learned to walk, babies need to exercise by walking and strengthen the power of the ankle, and wait until the baby has walked to be skilled and then consider wearing high-heeled shoes to protect the ankles. Choose a little with the shoes, to prevent the baby from falling over. Baby walking is best when the upper and side wrinkles, so that when the baby can walk naturally bent foot. To use natural materials, such as leather or canvas, good ventilation. With artificial materials such as plastic, if the material is not breathable, it is not conducive to the baby's foot development. Shoes are not suitable for the top of the foot, the width of a fingernail is appropriate. Baby shoes, the treasure mother can use your thumb to the baby big toe top pressure, a fingernail space, foot code is appropriate. Po mother also use the thumb and index finger click the widest place of the shoes, baby feet the widest place is the widest place for shoes, indicating the width of the shoes is just right. And the best is an average of every 3 months to give the baby double bigger shoes.