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Different materials, how to clean white shoes reebok shoes clean?

Xiaobian today to talk about a variety of materials, small white shoes cleaning method, it is practical Oh, Come collection. First, the correct cleaning steps: the shoes with no more than 40 warm water soaked, do not soak for too reebok classic long, so as not to open plastic, 20 minutes can be, if the feeling is particularly dirty, you can add some vinegar. Choose whitening soap, open rice and other detergents, with a soft brush, old toothbrush and other tools gently scrub, and finally must use a lot of water bar shoes rinse clean. Heel and tongue part of the sponge will be more, forced to squeeze the water, and then grabbed the middle of the shoes toss a few times, try to dry the water. Canvas shoes cleaning process will add a kind of family essential things - toothpaste, mixed with water cleaning agent, the dirty place to wet, then the toothpaste squeezed to the soft brush to brush off the stains, with a soft brush Stained with water residue residual toothpaste brush off. After washing with a white paper towel it wrapped the whole shoes (multi-pack several layers), placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. There is a little trick Oh, that is, after drying in the upper wiping a layer of talcum powder, to prevent the dust Oh ~ this material is particularly attention to the shoes that tens of millions can not bubble, the shoes a little better quality , If the quality is not good, a long time is equal to direct scrapped. Local stains: a small amount of detergent with a soaked towel, the stains wipe clean, immediately after washing with a cloth dry. The whole body is dirty: the shoes into the home cleaning agent in the water soaked, with a soft brush carefully cleaned, after the water with a cloth or thick paper towels dry, stable shoes (for the toilet paper stuffed shoes) after the natural dry, Direct sunlight.

Natural leather: first with a soft cloth to wipe the upper dust, wipe with warm water plus cleaning agent, scratched place with a soft brush, can also be used toothbrush and sponge treatment, wipe with a leather care oil smear again, and then Placed in a cool place, do not often use maintenance oil, otherwise the leather surface will appear small cracks. Scrub leather: with deer shoes brush brush along the same side instead of brush back and forth, encountered stubborn stains can be used to wipe the water with rubber to make the cortex fade, can be dipped in a little water up, and then sponge or dry cloth to absorb water , Put the night dry, traces will fade. Natural leather must remember to brush on the maintenance of oil, can not be lazy ~ scrub skin clean method in addition to some of the pictures on the method, you can also buy the same color of the matte powder, Xiao Bian their own used Oh, very easy to use.