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Don't brush your shoes this way.

In the coming summer, reebok classic it is not unreasonable for many reebok pump people to prefer casual shoes. Cloth shoes are comfortable and they dont work out. Buying a pair of beautiful styles and exquisite quality shoes can be used to match summer clothes. Don't love people, it's important to clean the shoes. Separate shoes and shoelaces separately with neutral soap or powder. Remove the insole while washing shoes, gently brush with a soft brush, and then rinse. Athletes or sports fans should wear the sports shoes they buy. To prolong the life of the shoe, wash it as little as possible. For light dust, use a reebok pump bristle brush. This brush is soft and does not easily injure the skin. When the shoes are dry, the use of shoe supports can help restore the shoes, or put the newspaper in the shoes. The newspaper has a double effect, not only can help restore the original shape, but also quickly absorb the moisture in the shoes. Never wear colored shoe polish, because the leather is chemically treated and soaked with oil. It belongs to leather that does not require shoe polish. Once on the shoe oil will only rub the leather more black;

Put the toe down towards the wall and let it dry in a ventilated place at normal temperature. This will prevent water from immersing in the midsole foam. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to lay the wet shoes flat.) Excessive direct sunlight, heat from the hair dryer and improper care methods all reduce the lifespan of the shoes. Nylon mesh cloth and artificial leather on sports and leisure shoes are relatively easy to maintain and can be washed by sailors. It is best not to use washing machines or soak in water.