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Everyone loves Martin boots, you wear to the extreme it?

After a rain, autumn and winter season officially came. When the season, the closet in the thick and thick alternating. How in the gradual decline in the temperature, piercing some warmth and attitude. Our protagonist today is - Martin boots. Martin boots popular for so many years is not without reason - tough and thick material, simple design, with a variety of, not only show field, street shoot, or daily wear, are very practical. Different design and match, but also can transform a different style. Enduring Martin boots, born in Germany during World War II. A doctor named Klaus M ertens fell reebok pump off the foot of the Alps skiing, in order to facilitate the walk, the doctor and friends in the tire rubber material into the air, developed the "air cushion soles", the most classic British Type Martin boots brand name Dr. Martens so finalized, that is, Martin boots. In 1960, the first pair of Dr. Martens was born in the UK. This pair of 1460 Martin boots have also been regarded as classic. Novel design and simple styling, unique yellow needle steps and patterns, Martin boots reebok pump quickly swept London until the world. Early Martin boots as a working boots, soldiers, police, postman and other professional standard. Martin boots can be regarded as a basic standing of a single product, real wear, practical. Compared to the strong sense of a single product, it appears more stable and simple. Many men are longing, or already have a pair of Martin boots, but I reebok classic do not know how to match, we come to see today's different wear Martin boots.

Martin boots with long coat, retro elegant, giving a gentleman, gentle feeling. Especially in the cold winter season, Martin boots and long coat with warm and grace unabated. Can be a short cowboy jacket, it can be a personalized cowboy suit, or just a simple jeans, take Martin boots, they can express the most casual and unique attitude. Sometimes lively and free, sometimes casual handsome. Short jacket can make the proportion of the body look better, with Martin boots in the lower part of the visual contraction effect, this mix is ??simply a long leg masculine it! Short jacket than the long coat reebok classic more vitality, more simple and fashionable. Try to avoid the color complex or more color style, low saturation color will make you look more tasty. Such as caramel color, earth color is a good choice.