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Fashion for the thick shoes "vindicated", how to wear comfortable to go high

Among the many popular shoes, thick shoes can be described as the biggest controversy, both people say it ugly out of the sky, who wear old age, such as ladygaga thick Huan days high, it is not the average person can bear the. But in fact, in real life, but also some people can wear a very nice shoes, and thick shoes was once star bloggers crazy love. And in the present winter is about to end, this can instantly let my sister grow taller ten centimeters than high heels easy to operate the shoes suddenly became a woman competing to pursue a single product.

This series of footwear launched in 2014, has become a wave of all the people competing to buy a single product, in 2015 to achieve a comprehensive outbreak, basically all feet on a pair. I think this trend will gradually weaken with the passage of time, but the media seems to underestimate the masses for the "dwarf music" enthusiasm, until this year, this pair of shoes is still the most street shooting the most active single product one. In the 70's fashion trend, thick shoes is a very representative element. Thick shoes, from the Second World War. The soldiers in order to deal with the bad weather, the feet will be made of special materials made by the bottom of the thicker shoes.

This year's retro trend is still violent, thick shoes will resurgence, although it is not sexy and elegant, but easy to release the feet of the degree of coverage but for it in the shoe to find a place, maybe this is not your usual style, but you always Will need such a pair of both good fashion shoes. Choose a suitable for their own high-heeled shoes, safe and fashionable people up to the same concave shape it ~ thick bottom of a pedal not only fashionable walking, but also instantly elongated legs, legs long ~ generally do not need to choose Too thick at the bottom of the design, about 3 cm or so just right, light and stylish. Itself has a very sense of the presence reebok outlet of bright shoes, because the feet have a very prominent single product, it is recommended to simple clothing to suppress the overall shape. Have a casual atmosphere of women can also wear a thick shoes by the sense of sharp sense, it seems difficult to match but the actual attempt will find it is not difficult.

The most suitable for summer thick shoes, it is estimated or breathable sandals it! Imagine walking in the hot sun with fine high heels walking picture? Well, or put on both the increase in function, but also comfortable to take the thick base of it, retro and good-looking. Europe and the United States Street shooting with good-looking, in simple terms they are better at using the "basic models", and in the overall look to add appropriate leisure elements, so it will not look deliberately, and create this temperament is thick Sandals are best at. Should choose the design simple, not grandstanding style, with the knee skirt shorts, but please remember to reveal the slender thigh! It will not seem heavy because of thick and heavy.