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Fashion is not tired of the foot reebok outlet store of the cat heel, you have to wear it?

Still wearing small white shoes, high heels? Now popular reebok classic fashion is not tiring and wild cat heels! Both the value and the practicality of the two must take its time, we will make what kind of choice? Now more and more fashionable people have been more inclined to the latter, so the birth of such a pair of amazing, but very comfortable shoes. A lot of fashion a single product name is very interesting, such as this pair of cat heel Kitten Heels is the case. The name of the shoe comes from the shape of the heel, and the 3-5 cm is very similar to the toes of the cat.

It is said that originated in the United States 60 years, this shoe is dedicated to those 13-year-old girl as a practice shoes, in order to facilitate their growth can easily transition to a higher heels. And high heels compared to the cat with a little more dangerous shoes a little more refined, very good control. And the cat heel itself comes with retro atmosphere, will make the overall shape more elegant atmosphere. Cat heels have the most simple style, there are tassels elements, tassels and cat with, add a Smart beauty. There is a word with the cat heels, but also exposed heel cat heels, this style is relatively easy to show long legs Oh, whether it is with pants or skirts are very taste Oh Go and see it.

Shoes super beautiful, and with a high degree of moderate, wear super comfortable! In front of the strong decoration, with the height just, do not wear foot is not tired feet, work is super fine, put it all kind of want to run up the impulse. Black shoes lining the feet white, put on delicate, soles are not hard, really good oh The fabric is made of high quality PU leather, wear it is very comfortable not grinding feet, the cat will not be tired with the feet Oh, silver temperament can not resist, tie the cat with a more mature woman's charm. Shoes work is very fine, the fabric looks very texture, with a white skirt, immortal do not want reebok shoes to. M's diamond buckle shoes swept for more than 20 years, has long been regarded as the representative of the classic elegant shoes, this time directly in the classic heel knives, revealing semi-finished products like burr, so that shoes look elegant and extremely rebellious, It has been broken code. Unprecedented, I just do it for you. Using the MB original last, silk upper, leather outsole, sheepskin inside, really super big Oh

Shoes, especially Western style, color fashion white feet. Wearing a very comfortable, that is not crowded, with a very stable, very easy to walk, is not tired, but also the leather, the cortex is very soft, not to change the heart, the design of the toe is also special beauty, wear it beautiful The date of the bar Special material cat heels, but also the new darling of fashionable people! With the cowboy with fashion leisure degrees rise. Cat with heels with burr horn jeans, easy to show big legs! Of course, want to be more elegant and more ladies, with skirt on the right. Commuter equipment can also be so wear Oh! Version of the type of light board, but the trousers do a very free to tear the edge of the design, a different sense of design will add personality, but not publicity. More personal, but also more sense of the kind of line, it was thin. Denim fabric we use the texture is relatively tight, worn on the body is docile, with oversized white shirt and girdle, with a pair of cat heels, the whole is very gas field Oh.