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Freehand shoes, beautiful comfortable without distinction

Girls love enchanting, enjoy the feast of the feast of course, the choice of reebok shoes high heels, during which the breakdown of the foot by the crime, the answer is with the height is proportional to, so the rest of the world would have to look comfortable, but if only comfortable Other, that the lack of girls is not associated with the United States and common sense of common sense, and thus can be seen, beautiful and comfortable home is not the real taste of shoes. Shallow mouth and flat comfort enough to run through the spring and autumn season of the gorgeous, although the shallow mouth, but the upper gorgeous splicing out of the beautiful curvature than the tongue is more fashionable, pointed European romantic classic no one can replace, Coupled with a small dotted metal dotted, more likely to highlight the big style. Inch with the comfort and elegance of the convergence of the body, the degree of favor should not be overlooked, not to mention the season is still popular with the pursuit of metal color rough with the atmosphere and the big, diamond decoration of the small pointed, And beautiful eye-catching double effect.

?A "hit" word to include the most elegant elegance, black and white primary and secondary, gold and silver evenly divided, and finally all fell on a "flash" word, patent leather plus diamond bow decorated bright flash, The multi-angle cutting of the package shows the diamond-like craftsmanship. Anti-plush more patent leather less glittering, but more than a lot of personality, but also the original reebok shoes ecology of the pure, thick needle with a typical British charm charm of leisure, but because of the sweet and sweet bow, with colorful Flash of flash and glow with a different kind of beautiful light. There is a kind of fashion called the increase, there is an increase in the burden of tired, and loose cake at the end of the romantic but rewrite the history of increasing the suffering of the same, but also unreasonable but unknowingly enjoy the new height of the surprise, but also Accompanied by sweet and well-behaved by age, and even a little Meng

Is the ladies of love, climb the beautiful elegance, slope with patent leather small pointed very ladies mildly little taste, do not personality of the low-key, do not be arrogant tall, as long as this show in the intellectual charm, The bow is quietly running. The height of the body and the flat leisure is not a fundamental conflict, all the wishes are only in the comfort to enjoy the beautiful, like the body reebok pump acupressure of the same bean bottom, to ease the foot fatigue at the same time, but also highlights a bit Jiaohan, a large area of ??bright drilling Modification, a change in the flat mediocre texture, bright bright fashion upgrade. As long as the British wind is still scraping, "you need a pair of small white shoes," the slogan will continue to heat, single row tie escape escape, but there are small round head can not be less tie Is the eternal classic fashion of the British fashion, as the thick needle line outside the edge, this time can only retreat as a romantic supporting role.

Nude was fine called classic, barely purely called no goods, looks no decoration and cover the way, only a small round with a cone-shaped slope with pure flow line, you can create the overall style of intellectual charm, and Patent leather shiny is the fashion for the intellectual increase in the wild bright spot.s