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From the soles of wear to see health, subconsciously low head down

In daily life, in addition to sleep, people almost reebok store every moment can not be separated from shoes. There are rumors that the wear conditions of the soles reflect the physical condition of the body, and that the location and extent of soles wear can reflect the ankle, knee and lumbar and other parts of the health status, causing many users competing "sun" soles. If a pair of shoes have been worn for a long time, go very far away the road, that polished in the inevitable. But some people wear shoes, will be in a very short period of time grinding very powerful, it is necessary to pay attention to is not a pathological reason. Under normal circumstances, if the new shoes to buy, half a year to wear less than 20%, generally regarded as normal. If 3 months to wear out 20% -30%, basically can be judged to be a physical problem. The most important thing is to see symmetry, if the symmetry is not good, it should pay attention. So, look at shoes wear really can know our health situation? Both sides of the feet are worn. This is because most people walk habits outside the character, it is normal, 72% of people belong to this. Both sides of the feet are worn. This is the foot varus deformity, that is, "within the character." Slightly inside the eight lines usually pay attention to the line, serious need to find orthopedic doctors consultation and treatment. Left foot or right foot unilateral wear, this is because the two feet when walking the direction of force reebok classic is different, the part of the forced wear is relatively large. Walk should be taken: the first heel, and then the foot of the order to walk, so that the upper force of the balance, reduce the wear of shoes. The right to walk habits to develop non-overnight, but if there are these problems, or even to correct Caixing. The temperature gradually go up, with a refreshing dress must not be less a few pairs of fresh shoes. This time the sandals on the grand debut, with the nature of the flat sandals lazy and soft degree combination just right, feminine and girls taste both ~

Sandals are designed according to the Department of Human Engineering shoe last, to enhance the elevation while also ensuring the comfort of the shoes. Convenient fast buckle design easy to wear off, coupled with the metal buckle decoration simple and generous and stylish. Small white shoes look is a cool feeling, super personality of the metal buckle, so that the whole pair of shoes handsome. Shoes heel is done a special treatment Oh, not grinding feet. Very casual shoes ~ uppers with lychee pattern of ultra-fiber fabrics, soft and flexible texture, unique design on the feet to very comfortable, publicity with the vitality of youth, inspired by the inner surging, version of the full range of sports Oh. Casual wind small reebok classic white shoes, super Fan children ~ on the foot is very stylish ~ simple and stylish ~ and wild, put on a young man of art! And jeans with sweater, so you a new height, the United States and the new fashion.