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Get rid of high-heeled bound flat sandals romantic summer

Although there are constant rainstorms around, the heat is nothing to come down, more and more high temperature and that hot atmosphere, constantly transpiration of the anger, and its hope to rain to baptism, as they prepare for this summer romantic. In the peacekeeping supermodel who have said that there is no flat sandals can not summer time, you are also a time to start a summer Jiapin. Speaking of flat sandals, such as waterproofing platform is reebok pump both comfortable and increased effort design is naturally indispensable. Not tall but want to use this summer with a flat one, may wish to choose a waterproof design with the style, with short jeans & simple T-shirt, full of youthful atmosphere. The same is the waterproof platform, leaving the metal chain of neutral playing cool, put on the ball with the band, Bohemian wind blowing a wave, cool sea breeze also swept from. Rounded particles highlight the feminine is full of beauty. For the wind did not end up the bandage wind, has been used by designers to be consummate, sandals from the design is also effortless, but seen so many designs, but also flat and tie the best fit, whether it is high Including reebok pump the entire calf, or stay in the ankle, thin rope to create this unique can be shown.

However, the same is a thin band, after the fusion with the bow, the woman will always taste less full of some sexy, strong girl breath toward the head, even a simple skirt can wear clothing princess wind, so Yeah, cute, if you do not need to dress every time the pompry dress, so it is so cute enough. Does this summer student party also have the romantic gospel of this flat sandals? Cute bow is not your dish Simple stacked pattern also wear clothing simple girl good demeanor, intimate anti-skid design, my mother no longer have to worry that I will go out wrestling. Since it is simple, as the most simple classic is not to be missed, a pair of good shoes, no matter how long, even if it has been covered with dust, and then out of time is still suitable, that is this, no matter how much the trend Of the erosion, the most simple and most durable for the longest. Of course, when it comes to the trend, how can not chase this year's hot weaving, thick national wind, skirt shorts can easily hold, according to your dress style to determine the sex of the shoes, which should be this type The biggest bright spot where the shoes, so that you can choose a pair of shoes at will. In the flat sandals family, there has been a margin of the existence of the ball, but it is every girl's summer will not be missing the name of the name - sandals. Comfortable and comfortable to wear it has always been its unique place, little sisters also love in the cool evening marching a pair of cool sand drag and walk stroll the night market.