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How to clean and maintain leather shoes

Leather shoes can not be exposed to the sun, can not be placed in water immersion, you should always use shoe polish care. The purpose of leather shoes is to maintain the bright color of the leather shoes. It is consistent and beautiful. It protects the soft and comfortable wearing performance of the leather, protects the feet from time to time, and prolongs the service life of the shoes. In addition, the following points should also be noted. Leather shoes can not be exposed to the sun and roasted with fire. The reebok classic upper leather of leather shoes is insensitive to exposure, and cannot be baked near a stove or other heat sources. Exposure and baking will quickly evaporate the oil reebok classic inside the leather, making the leather harder and causing the leather fibers to break and break easily. If the shoe has heavy sweat and moisture, it can be sun-dried in the sun. Leather shoes should be protected from oil immersion. The general rubber bottom of various shoes is oil-fighting, because the general rubber will swell and twist and distort after being soaked in oil. Although the plastic end and rubber-bottomed end have strong oil resistance, they should not be soaked in oil to avoid gumming. Leather shoes open plastic. Do not add too much grease to the upper leather so as to avoid adhesion of the grease to the upper and the sole, reebok pump which affects the adhesive strength. Leather shoes should avoid exposure to acids and bases. The durable acid-base corrosion resistance of leather is not strong, and alkali corrosion is particularly resistant. Alkali can not only damage the surface finish of leather shoes, but also can burn the fibrous tissue of leather. Leather reebok classic shoes should pay attention to moisture and mildew. Wear soles and heels should be repaired as soon as possible after repair.

Dirty leather shoes can not be soaked in the water to clean, so although the clean shoes but the damage to the leather shoes is very large, for the stains on the leather shoes, we can use soft cotton cloth stained with water, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth, put the shoes above The dirt is wiped off. Put the shoe polish on the shoes so that it protects the shoes and does not tarnish the shoes. Pay attention to the shoe polish when you want to look at the color of shoe polish and the color of the leather shoes are the same, or you can buy a natural color of shoe polish, all colors of leather shoes can be rubbed, so that not only clean the shoes but also protect the shoes. If you want to clean the shoes, we can remove the insole inside the shoes. If there is odor after cleaning, we can put the shoes in the shoes to remove the odor. Or put citron peel, dried orange peel or dried orange peel into the shoes can also remove the odor. In the collection of shelving leather shoes, care should be taken to clean the shoes and air them after the collection. Use shoes or old newspapers to support the shoes so that the leather shoes do not deform. The collection process should be often aired or placed in a ventilated and dry place.