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How to deal with creases on shoes

What to do if there is a fold in front of the shoe? Folding shoes is generally leather shoes, leather shoes to wear, it is inevitable that the surface of the shoes will appear a thin line. How to deal with the folds of shoes? How can I make shoes smooth and wrinkle-free? How to deal with creases on leather shoes

Eggs + Ironing

1, first clean the shoes, pay attention to a little dust, if the best dirty case is best to clean it again.

2, prepare an egg, do not egg yolk, leaving only the egg white.

3. The most important step is to hold up the wrinkled part of the shoe, cover the dry crease of the shoe with a dry cloth, iron it with an iron, and press it at a low temperature when it is hot. The distance from the shoe upper is about 2cm. Yes, prevent high-temperature scald shoes, apply egg white after ironing.

Paraffin + ironing + shoe polish

1. This method is most suitable for wrinkling of shoes. Also wipe the shoes clean, pay attention to a little dust. Then put a few paraffins, paraffin blocks or paraffin oil, and fill in the folds of the shoes. Be sure to evenly fill in the crevices.

2. Apply a dry cloth on the surface of the shoe and iron it with an iron until the folds are well restored.

3, pay attention to ironing leather shoes to be a care, smear shoe polish, folds is not obvious, and then wrinkles appear in the use of this method to deal with.

Vaseline + alcohol cotton

1, the shoes will be wrinkled and hard to wear after a long time, this time you can use this method, apply a layer of Vaseline in the folds of the shoes.

2, must wait for shoes to absorb Vaseline and then apply shoe polish, leather shoes will become soft, wrinkles will also become shallow.

3, if it is a particularly deep fold shoes, it is recommended to use a piece of chicken fat or pork fat, repeated wiping, and then simmered reebok shoes with a slight fire, so that the grease penetrated into the skin.

4, the last infiltrated oil shoes reebok pump on a dry and ventilated place for two days, then wipe the shoes with alcohol cotton ball, coated with the same color shoe polish, so that the wrinkles of leather shoes disappeared, and smooth as ever.

How to prevent wrinkling of leather shoes

1, usually pay attention to the maintenance of the shoes, ground shoe polish, so you can reduce the occurrence of wrinkling shoes.

2, the best shoes to avoid the rain to wear, wear shoes in wet weather will soak shoes, easily cause wrinkling phenomenon.

3, usually the best spare several pairs of pairs of leather shoes to wear, so you can have time to restore the reebok pump elasticity of shoes, conditions can be placed in shoe uppers stereotypes.

4, after the damp shoes, it is best placed reebok outlet store in a ventilated and dry place to dry, prevent leather shoes wrinkle and mold point phenomenon. Avoid exposure and drying. Do not put the toes down when drying, and place them in parallel to prevent wrinkling.

What shoes are not easy to wrinkle

General leather shoes will wrinkle, because leather shoes are made of animal skin, so it is prone to wrinkles. As long as the usual attention to maintenance, ground shoe polish. Avoid drying and drying, do not wear shoes, etc. in the rain, you can reduce the occurrence of wrinkling shoes.