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How to look at shoes to know people?

Look at a person's time to look at his shoes, it seems that we all know a boy's shoes can explain what the problem? Repeat the purchase of reebok classic a fixed style of men this type of man is very old. On their own habits of people, things, things, there is always a deep attachment. He has an inclusive heart of the lover, even if the lover vexatious, wayward childish, he will be an inclusive heart to love her, until she gradually mature and clear. He is very loyal to his friends, is a trustworthy patron, will be friends and timely reach out to help. Casual men wear this type of man do not care about shoes and clothing with. Even if the shoes have been damaged, style outdated, he does not matter, and even socks have been damaged, wear the wrong, he can bear. Love wearing suits shoes men they wear to wear formal black shoes, the same as the mirror reflective of the upper, absolutely can not stand wearing double shoes to go out. This type of man, even on vacation or dating is used to wear his formal black leather shoes. He is a big male tendency and the traditional men, the mother's views are very important, you want to win the love of the future mother-in-law, it is possible from reebok shoes his girlfriend into his wife. Women can not be about his idea, he has a set of their own principles of doing things, will not be modified because of you, he will want you to agree with his views, and even inclusive of his everything.

Love men who wear casual shoes This type of man pay attention to the taste of life, for shoes demanding, not only to comfort, pay more attention to shoes and style to match. In the personality, he likes to master the initiative, subjective sense of strong, very strict on their own requirements, the requirements of the opposite sex is more critical. In life, it is a regular planner. When you meet with these boys, you can feel that he is very attentive, gentle and polite, humorous and reebok classic humorous, it is easy to become dancing atmosphere, very gentlemanly. Long time to wear a man with a shoe This man likes to buy durable reebok classic shoes. In the personality, he is a cautious, let go of the conservative men. Like this type of man's girl must be careful. He is also a warm heart of the man, the first date, the hearts of girls on the infinite reverie, hoping to become lovers as soon as possible, intimate. But cautious, conservative personality, but also suppressed the inner waves, it is difficult to find out the real idea.