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How to match the retro shoes? Retro Oxford shoes street appreciation

Retro style has always been popular fashion bloggers and big stars like, the road people often wear a pair of retro shoes fashion, reebok pump pocketed the rate of return. So this article, Xiaobian give you recommend several kinds of autumn and winter period Oxford shoes with the wear of it! In fact, there are many styles of retro shoes, because there are many styles of retro shoes, the following we first look at the retro Oxford shoes Street beat! This is the British style, into the autumn can wear it, gray suit jacket, if the hot can off, with the trend of the classic red plaid shirt + denim shorts + wide-brimmed hat + Oxford shoes, the level of wearing a clear, highlight the handsome neutral British The wind, the United States spent, cool! Of course, more afraid of the cold sister, you can match the pants, wine red T-shirt is a bright spot in the body + cowboy jacket classic fashion + lattice scarf, British wind full, wine red retro leather shoes with the British style of retro art sense of fusion Together, it is more prominent!

How to match the retro shoes? Classic jeans must not be less, rolled up the pair of jeans with a white T-shirt, simple and wild, a long section of woolen coat, with white Oxford shoes, walking in the streets of your every move is the focus! Of course, in addition to the fall of the dress, in fact, retro shoes in the winter is also very popular, many people say that you want in the winter with a "senior" fashion sense, as long as a pair of Oxford shoes on the line, whether it is dress or coat, also Or like a big cousin Liu Wen, like a red leather retro leather with a small black pants casual pants, fashion eye-catching, casual and comfortable. Cousin is not too beautiful!