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How to remove the shoes on the scratches, stains?

Very like reebok running shoes to wear a pair of shoes, suddenly out of some stains can not wash, scratches, is simply the most headaches! If you also encountered the same problems, you can try these small trick below. Cool the oil decontamination Cool the oil (green bottle kind) down in the place with stains, one or two drops, wipe with a clean cotton cloth back and forth. Brush the whole shoe again, for stubborn stains, coated with a layer of toothpaste to dry a few minutes, and then washed toothpaste to see if there is a lot of clean! Just stained with the juice, you can use salt to smear the stain (let juice absorbed on it), then moistened with water, soap and clean. If the juice is dry, rub it on the vinegar, let it sit for 5 minutes, then wash with water.

Lemon rust rubbed out of the lemon juice, rub rust rust repeatedly, put 5 minutes, then washing detergent. Shoes stained with blood, soak in salt water for a while, or mix the carrot mashed salt, rub the blood stains, have the effect.

Stroke in reebok outlet the strokes out, painted toothpaste or alcohol, repeated light brush. Inadvertently dripping ink onto the shoes, wash with water quickly, with rice grains and detergent scrub together, remnants can be washed with toothpaste. If traces are light, use a damp cloth to add detergent, gently wipe. Wipe out with a clean egg, can promote blemishes bridge, the general problem is not very serious situation can be a good solution. Ordinary small scratches, may wish to use eraser (pen eraser, eraser and so on) try. In fact, we may because different shoe materials, reebok outlet and not every one can be perfectly removed, this time may reebok pump wish to try more.