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How to solve the problem of over-the-knee boots

What to do if the knee boots off

Over-the-knee boots are definitely fashionable items that will not be outdated every winter, but they always fall down when walking over knee boots. What should I do? Here are a few tips to solve the problem of knee boots off the coup, the solution so easy~

1 More wear socks

This method is suitable for the boot is too loose, the internal reebok store space is too large, you can try to wear more socks, fill the space inside the cylinder, so it will not fall off.

If the calf is too wide to wear the tube socks, if the knee is too wide, you can bring the knee brace. If it is wide, you can wear thick stockings or thick bottom socks or jeans that are slightly lower than the boots. Reducing the space in the boot and increasing the friction between the boot and the leg prevents the boot from sliding down.

02 Sewing elastic band

Sew the elastic band around the loose tube. The specific practices are as follows:

First, prepare two black elastic bands, the width of which is nearly 1cm. The best, otherwise, the length of the tales, the two ends of the elastic band sewn together to form a circle, put it on the legs, the location is probably put on the boots after the boots Below the highest point of 1-2 centimeters, it feels like the tightness loop can entangle the legs and can't fall back.

Then fold the elastic ring in half and sewn it on the boot with the shoe repairing machine. Find the most hidden place with a small ornament. It is not easy to see it after sewing. After putting on the boots, the elastic band is wrapped around the leg. Boots are not easy to fall off.

Disadvantages: very expensive boots or leather boots or very new boots will be reluctant to sew on it. In addition, some boots are not decorated, stitching pins may be seen.

Applicable boots: This method is more suitable for the kind of boots that are "stepped on one foot." Of course, boots with zips can also be tested. If there is a small decorative pattern on the upper end of the boot or something is better, the stitching place can be decorated. It's not easy to see through the seams; it's not that expensive to buy, or it's not too new, and it's a bit of a toss that makes boots better wearable.

03 Perforated tie

Two colored ribbons of the same color, two holes in the boots, tied up.

Cut a V-shaped mouth on the back side of the boot (which is, of course, side-to-side, and personally feel that the back legs are thin), then make a hole in each side of the V-shape, and put the ribbon on the inside of the shoe with two holes. Just tie a bow on the outside.

Of course, you can also play some more holes, and it's also fashionable to make bandages, but the premise is that the technology must pass through.

04 Pleat

Gently pleat your boots or open a zipper to reduce the width of your boots.

Where you can go to repair shoes, let them squeeze a pleat on the side of the shoe tube, and then look at him there is no scrap material of the same material, made with a few tassels hanging on both sides of the shoe, so that not only solve the shoes out The problem is that it will not trim the shoe tube too much (if there are too many cuts and you want to loosen the shoes, there is no way) and it will be beautiful.

05 change cylinder circumference

Looking for skilled craftsmen, such as shopping malls or places to repair shoes, they will change their boots to smaller ones. If it is a leather boot, you can open the suture line of the boot tube, slightly fold it in a little bit, and still leave a part of it too small, then it can not restore the original reebok classic tube circumference. Then re-stitch one more time. The circumference of the boot should not be too tight. Leave space.

06 Made of lining

If it is because the leather over the knee boots is too soft to hold up, you can find a professional shoe repair shop, plus a thick material lining.

07 Precautions

When the ordinary boots are not worn, the boot tubes are erected with a cardboard tube to help maintain the boot shape.

When buying boots, you have to buy the right number, and boots should fit your own leg type. Leather boots are relatively soft, poorly shaped, must not be too loose, put on the boot to leave the gap of up to 1.5-2 cm on the line. Also do not buy too straight, generally in a stovepipe type with a certain streamlined type, to be able to tightly wrap your legs.

How to match the knee boots

If you want to make your slender legs look more slender, you're generally not going to match the short skirt on the top of the boots, or just to the top edge. You can also try knee boots with miniskirts and long coats that have unexpected effects.

Red and black striped dress has a special flavor, in a dark color of the autumn and winter street is even more vitality and vitality, with super-long boots filling the fashion trend this season, handsome women dressed up to make people excited.

Over-the-knee boots with black and white striped dress to autumn and winter still popular uninterrupted, with this year's extra long boots particularly good-looking, boots on the fold from the Fan looked especially tasteful, and finally catch a black long coat, Let your autumn and winter night become elegant.

Nowadays, fashion women like to dress up in all black styles. The charm of women is charming. Over-the-knee boots and dark gray skirts show off the fashionable atmosphere of autumn and winter. They wear irregularly designed long coats. The belt is bundled, and the proportion of the whole body is perfect, which increases your confidence. Over the knee boots with a black also has its own eye-catching place, a wide collar design brings a rich layered sense, three-dimensional skirt is very nice to wear, especially for tall girls, catch a special design metal buckle belt, Long leather boots with a mature dress, the effect is very good.