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How to use the shoelaces and what color wild

Suitable for wedge shoes shoelaces should also have both a fixed instep and ankle function, the beam with a crossed 8-word line around the feet, in order to slope heels and feet fixed and beautiful and smooth The Another method of the shoelace is to add a closed lapel with a heel on the heel of the wedge heel, which will be covered with a round lace. The above two methods are simple and practical, with no longer worry about the future with the shoes "down file"

1, black slope heels. In the dress with the black is the "king of Baise", in ensuring the correct situation, no matter what color you wear clothes, pedal a pair of black slope heels do not go wrong.

2, brown slope heels. As another basic color, brown gives the fashion, the feeling of big, brown wedge heel is also very wild to wear it

3, white slope heels. And black relative to the white dress is also in the basic color, white slope heel is naturally the base of the wedge heel, the classic black and white ride, red and white ride, blue and white ride, which is not a MM who like to bones?

4, gray slope heels. Gray slope heels elegant, neat, wear in the foot of a large film of fashionable sense of this color of the slope heels is reebok pump also a lot of MM's heart is good, if your shoe is the lack of gray slope heels.