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If you are the first to buy high heels, you should pay attention to these!

High heels, but every woman's favorite ah, but many girls are afraid to wear high heels, especially for the first time to wear high heels out, especially embarrassing. Walking instability, he also felt particularly twisted I believe many girls are because of high heels bad a lot of sin! Saying that this is every girl's history of blood and tears! Each woman will face the problem is to wear high heels easy to hurt and tired. This kind of sweet pain, in the end how to get rid of it? Under the age of 16 girls should not wear high heels, such as because of the need to learn models that must reduce the wearing time, gradually transition, because the girls are in puberty, foot, spine, pelvis are not mature, under the action of external force It is easy to bend, deformation, high heels will become an external force to produce these deformations. With a wet towel in the foot of the shoe parts to cover for a few minutes, and then take a piece of dry soft towels wrapped around the crowded feet, with a few hammer hammer, the shoes of the place to knock the foot of the foot, the leather cortex soft and smooth After the shoes will not wear shoes before the first block of soap (usually with the candle can also) in contact with the heel of the most parts of a thin layer, the heel will become smooth and no longer Grinding feet 1 point I tried many times, very effective Oh!

To buy high heels best at 3 pm or 4 pm, because the body down the body of the liquid will be back in the lower body, more reebok outlet than 5% more time, if it is long standing, the lymph will increase by more than 8%; so this When the election a little half or the number of shoes the most appropriate. Uppers compact diamond design process, so that this pair of shoes with more fashionable, brief introduction and not simple, put on a very unique taste of a primer is only the most lightweight tendon material, really good sense of foot The Go out do not know what to write when writing, it is your one minute out of the weapon. If you do not come through high heels, you can start from this pair, root is safe and safe. Style is enough to meet your interview, dating, annual meetings and other small occasions, the classic style. Plus the elegant design of the strap to bring a little sexy. One of the most classic shoes, straps with special sexy, the largest layer of exposed feet, coupled with the pointed design, it is a good foot type, the material is beautiful eyes do not Ling style, with Slim jeans , Seconds slender straight straight, with bare leg pants or skirt also have different style. Shoes are able to highlight the unique elegance of women, the four seasons must be a single product, like simple fashion, value the temperament you have to pay attention to this section of the shoes, and if you are working in the office of white-collar workers, or simple fashionists, then this Double shoes on the most suitable for you.

The shoe is really too suitable for the fat feet of the sister paper, because it itself belongs to the high / feet of the toe, plus its feet behind the wide front tightly pointed design, feet wide / toe flush and foot fat The sister paper will be very comfortable to wear. Is a formal lack of commuter enough shoe type. Very early on the number of Hong Kong Hong Kong must have said that nice is more classic retro, classic never outdated style, dark green will never go wrong, whether it is dating party, no doubt is the most eye-catching pair of shoes. It is strongly recommended that those who go to college to learn the beautiful paper to buy this pair of shoes, put on the clothes to go to the students of the General Assembly, you will definitely be the best selling insurance ha ha ha. This reebok outlet pair of shoes have the advantage of rubber at the end, do not have to paste the end.