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In addition to spring, your list also needs a pair of beautiful shoes

Before a period of time Xiaobian has been to introduce you to the United States and the United States spring, we should start to buy the spring of the bar, but there is a saying that good, people look at shoes, in fact, our taste of shoes also represents our life The pursuit of quality, today Xiaobian give you recommend several spring shoes in the easy to wear a texture of the sheep? Leather, giving a high-end atmosphere of the luxury experience, combined with the retro trend of frosted design, fashion novel, to your dress Plus points show extraordinary taste, the design of the word buckle embellishment, a strong sense of space, reflecting the high sexy posture, the whole filled with a thick romantic style, elegant and charming sexy high-heeled, 10cm elegant height To meet the ergonomic principles, elongated leg lines.

Leather leather made of leather patent leather cortical soft and delicate, shiny, bright as new, the quality of pigskin as a shoe inside, soft and delicate, breathable reebok outlet and breathable superior performance, so that the feet for a long time to maintain a comfortable and healthy state, the overall simple design version Type, charm and natural hair, in the bright season, bring a bit fresh and comfortable. The use of high-quality light skin, a sense of layering and three-dimensional, inside the use of high-quality pig skin, absorbent sweat breathable not smelly feet, high-quality rubber material production, durable wear, but also to ensure that the soles of the soft, 3cm rough, charm bloom, elegant tip Head, dripping interpretation of women's romantic beauty, retro style, so that the feelings of the old days spread in the season. The upper use of high-quality gold velvet production, texture clear, soles with non-slip soles design, into a unique non-slip elements, beautiful and stable, 6.5cm rough with, comfortable was thin, in the early spring season with jeans, windbreaker are supermearchy, fashion Wild artifact, like the MM quickly start it

Round the last type, so that the toe arc-shaped, for the toes to leave enough space to wear comfortable, high-quality soles let you walk in what the ground can cope with the pearl chain chain of clothing embellishment, more A bit sweet and charming, high-heeled excellent modified leg type, very sexy, gas field full of high-strength high-heeled design, do not worry about walking instability. Shoes, square head of the last type is also a small series like a design, the upper use of imported thicken cashmere, delicate soft, hand strokes will have traces of the depths, looks very retro taste, care, then itself Not easy to dirty, you can take dry cloth wipe, like MM do not miss Yo. Spring and then the United States and the clothes should also be with a pair of fine shoes, can you icing on the cake, and flat bottom shoes is still the spring of the main, foot tip of the shoes, the most able to reflect the foot of a small woman, and the pace Of the beautiful, the visual can also create a long leg of the visual sense, want to be the goddess, how can such a shoe to miss.