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Legs are not beautiful shoes! Will you give your baby a shoe?

Do not know, choose shoes improper baby feet suffer. Children's skeletal development research experts said that children grow up hind legs are not beautiful, the foot of the disease, a considerable part of the reason is derived from a child when the wrong shoes.

1, floating toe

Symptoms: thumbs up Alice, can not touch the ground, or move, move outside.

Cause: the development of the left and right foot should be a large and a small, left foot as a support foot, usually more than as the function of the right foot to be bigger, if wearing the same shoes, that is limited to the left foot development, may lead to Left foot toe floating.

Recommendation: According to the actual situation of the left and right foot shoes to choose the size of the foot to the development of enough space. In addition, do more barefoot walking practice, so that between the big toe and toe from restraint, to maintain a certain existence of space, this space for the normal development of the toes is very important.

2, flat feet

Symptoms: refers to the arch collapse, resulting in reduction or disappearance of foot elasticity, can not walk for a long time or standing, walking, standing feel uncomfortable or pain.

Genesis: Survey data show that about every 10 children have a flat foot. In addition to congenital bone hypoplasia, foot and muscle ligament development abnormalities, the improper shoes will also make the foot muscles to maintain the strength of the body can not adapt to the growth rate of weight may also develop into flat feet.

Suggestion: reebok running shoes Wear suitable shoes. In general, most flat feet will naturally recover. If the 10-year-old has not yet returned to normal, you need to resort to the rehabilitation of the doctor's help. 3, inside and outside the eight feet feet

Symptoms: normal walking, the vertical axis of the plantar should be parallel to the direction of walking, or slightly outward. If too much inward, that is, within the character; out too much, that is outside the character.

Cause: wear a large size shoes.

Recommendation: wear shoes suitable for the number of yards, according to the child's foot development speed in time for new shoes. Under normal circumstances, about 90% of children before the age of six will be improved or returned to normal.