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Long coat mix and match flat shoes, wear a simple high-level range of children

In recent years, the fashion circle blowing a big wear not wear a small wave, which includes the current section of the most popular sections of the long section of the jacket, already became the stars of the crowd out of the street standard, but I believe there are many People still have a long paragraph jacket has a misunderstanding, such as only the tall children can control long coat long jacket must be with high heels to wear out a strong gas field, etc., in fact, as long as the correct mix, with a long coat mixed with flat shoes, also Can wear the most simple and elegant type, and still significantly higher and thin! Very kind of a windbreaker, the color is very beautiful, this season is suitable for wearing, green card color is the kind of light green light green, lighter color, very elegant feeling Oh Suitable for a variety of clothes. Shoes really beautiful. And the heel is very soft, not grinding feet, very comfortable feet, but also quite delicate, wild clothes. Than those dozens of dollars of shoes is indeed a lot of reebok shoes good quality, a sub-price goods ah. The color is really beautiful, not speak black on the blue pink is fog blue and fog powder saturation is not high color, in kind with my model is basically no difference, before the wind coat did not try to do this Light-colored, but this time spent a lot of effort to do it, the most amazing is actually did not do the color, comes with filter reebok classic effect, blue pink put on the whole people are a lot of gentle.

Shoes very good, I like the skin, rainy days do not have to worry about wearing shoes inside will be wet. Although it is white but also by the dirty style, the pursuit of fashion can start Oh. Gas field windbreaker, this really the atmosphere, a simple inside and then put on this windbreaker, minutes away from the Korean TV drama out of the heroine, especially special Han Fan children, waist with black belt is handsome, classic Of the British double-breasted, durable, however, both sides of the body hit the color stitching show the visual impact, the modern temperament spread more avant-garde fashion, with no need to worry about. Shoes are very nice, with loopholes is a perfect match, wearing a particularly comfortable, insole is very soft, diamonds buckle beautiful, you can also remove the style of simple air grade ~ this color I started to resist, but put her in the window But has been a warm welcome, no matter who wear even the skin color is very nice to see. Version of the design is asymmetrical oversize, the fabric surface with suede, quite texture. Kind is very beautiful and kind. Good-looking, very casual, with wide leg pants, wear super was thin Mainly easy, Velcro style do not have shoelaces ah ha ha ha, lazy must.