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Long wear shoes can also lead to flat feet

Flat foot patients should not wear with the shoes, including heels and wedges heels. Heel with mechanical function, you can make the gravity line from the heel forward, increase the pressure of the arch and forefoot, high heels caused by foot disease is the cause of multiple, and the role of heel is the same, flat foot patients should be special note. Long wear shoes can also cause flat feet

Experts explain, because at this time the height of young people, weight are growing rapidly, but the muscles, especially foot muscle development often lagging 1 to 2 years, so the increase in foot load and body growth often have a phase The stage of adaptation. At this time if the load is too heavy or standing time is too long, reebok store weight and maintain the strength of the arch muscles will lose balance, will lead to arch collapse. Flat feet in addition to the genetic, long standing, running around, but also with the shoes, especially sports shoes.

Poor ventilation is a common problem of sports shoes. Experts said that the insoles inside the shoes are generally soft and flexible plastic, sponge made of this exercise can play a role in the buffer, waterproof performance is better, but the shoe moisture permeability is not good.

Long wear sports shoes, shoes, hot and humid will stimulate the foot of the skin, so that the bubble white or red, fever, peeling, easy to suffer from foot disease. As the shoes within the humidity and temperature increases, will make the soles of the feet loose loose, feet gradually widened, not enough to support the arch, long down, but also lead to flat foot reasons.

Tips: sports shoes for the next day to wear

Expert Weapon, keep the feet dry and no sweat. Parents are best to prepare two pairs of shoes for children, the next day for wear, because the sweat of the sports shoes due to high, air permeability is not easy and easy to dry. If the insole reebok outlet of sports shoes is relatively soft, you can replace the pad or cloth pad, improve ventilation.

Parents in the purchase of sports shoes for children must choose good quality, such as leather, the design of reasonable brand sports shoes. It is best to reebok shoes prepare a pair of shoes and shoes, shoes because of breathable performance and soles are more reasonable, do not exercise can wear shoes, shoes at home can wear shoes, and sports shoes is best to wear only in sports