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Martin boots hard leather or soft leather good?

Martin boots are often called punk and street symbol, very stylish personality, by many young people like it. So Martin boots hard leather or soft leather good? What is the difference between Martin boots and soft leather? Lets come look! Martin boots generally have hard skin, oil skin, soft leather, patent leather several. There is a coating on the crust, so it is a very bright glossy cortex, soft skin is matt. Although smooth hard skin is very, shiny, looks more cool and more type. But I prefer soft skin. First of all, the soft leather is a natural grain, this leather without polishing, preserving the natural texture of the cortex, so the appearance of the leather requirements are reebok classic higher, that is, the leather skin relative cortex better. Second, the matte leather worn after the old very retro sense of the era and the streets, the soft reebok pump cortex can wear natural creases, the older the better look. Soft leather shoes. Brighter than the crust, but wearing a long time there will be a lot of ankles up and down, although the crumpled but will not affect the other parts. And very comfortable to wear, crusty shoes are relatively soft skin to handsome, but not so soft skin, but also not as comfortable as the soft skin, the common is to wear the foot.

With your fingers on the surface of Martin boots, press down properly on the surface of the cortex to see if the cortex is soft, flexible, press and release to see if you can quickly bounce. From reebok store this little action, we can try out the cortex quality. Good cortex, soft texture, feel comfortable, good elasticity. The poor quality of the cortex, feel stiff, poor elasticity, pressed by the fingers in the epidermis, bouncing slow, the skin looks bleak. Put on the shoes, and then take a few steps to see if reebok pump the soles are soft, flexible, and then stampede on the ground a few hard to see if there will be a sense of pain. Poor quality of the sole, poor flexibility, no flexibility, hard on the ground when the foot will appear numb feet, the feeling of pain, soles so strong, shockproof effect is poor. Martin boots inside most of them are used plus velvet inside, hand pulling the inside of the appropriate force of the hair, to see if it is strong, will not fall. Put your hand in the shoe to see if it can warm quickly. Good quality inside, fluffy, not falling, put on, to quickly play the effect of insulation. Carefully look at each of the boots of the sewing place to see whether the sewing neat, uniform, alignment without messy, cross, the lines have no extra and so on. Proper force in the sewing place to pull look, to see if the sewing is strong, solid. Poor quality Martin boots, sewing more casual, alignment sometimes messy, crossed the wrong thread, the most common extra.