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Mesh shoes to wear it? How to clean mesh shoes?

Both the mesh surface and the shoe can be brushed with a soft brush, and then rinse with water. Do not leave detergent and dry it.


1. Do not soak in the water as you do when you wash your clothes.

2. When dry, be sure to choose a ventilated place, otherwise you may have a musty smell. Do not put it in the sun to dry.

Two points prevent plastic

3. Detergent should choose neutral detergent Toothpaste can be replaced, because the toothpaste is neutral. In case the upper color is light, then it will not turn yellow. White upper can be wrapped with toilet paper to dry.

Sports shoes cleaning method

1. Throw the shoes into the basin and put 2/3 of the water in the basin. Let the shoes get soaked in the water. Add some detergent to the water. You can start washing without waiting for the detergent to become full.

Note: Do not let the shoes bubble in the water! ! ! Although your shoes are always full of water when you wash them, you need to wash them at this time. You can't throw them in the bowl and don't care about the dirty clothes. You only wash them after a long time, so you can easily open the rubber when your shoes are dry.

2, wash shoes.

This is very easy, use a shoe brush to brush on the soap and then brush the soles of the shoes, what little stones in the soles of the plastic joints can use a toothpick to pick clean, it is best to pick clean, because we must protect our dear shoes and shoes ~~~~~

3, wash shoes and shoes

Use a used toothbrush, but don't use the same kind of old hair. In fact, you can also buy a new soft toothbrush with more than 3 bucks. Feel that if it is a professional track and field shoes fortunately, but if the usual running shoes can hurt the net too.

Brush the soap with a toothbrush and brush the mesh again. The inside can be brushed as well. Yes, you must remove the shoelace before you wash your shoes! ! Shoe laces with a reebok pump soap. To brush the tongue with a toothbrush, ah ~ ~ ~ Anyway, you figure it out, slowly brush it, be sure to brush ah! !

4, repeatedly cleaning shoes reebok classic 1, 2 times slightly, that is, dirty water drained for clean water, the shoes soaked in the water, brush the brush with a toothbrush here, there is no need to brush soap ~ ~

5, a particularly important step! ! ! ! Throw water! ! ! !

It's not that you want to put it in the washing machine. I didn't try it, but I think the wedges on the mesh are sure to be deformed.

Teach you a good way to exercise your body --- throw away!

You can press the water in front of the shoes and in front of the sponge with a thumb to squeeze some water.

Then grab the midsole, the direction of the heel is in front, and the toes are behind you, starting to pick up and pull your arms around.

Duo Hua several lower half-shoe water will be able to get rid of a lot, throw more water, less shoes and better.

6. Let it dry. Note: Don't be sun-struck! ! Otherwise, your shoe's glue must be yellow, not afraid you are NIKE or what is worn on the bottom of the feet are ugly, and will be hardened under the sun.

So it's definitely wrong to put wet shoes on the balcony! !

You can use the laces to casually wear a few holes, and reebok outlet store then tied to the triangle clothes rack, hang a shoe and hang reebok classic clothes like what hangs in the air but it will not be dried by the sun, and it will be pulled by the sun. , I suggest hanging on the clothes rail inside the balcony.

Generally not rain, 2 days can be all dry! !

In fact, the cortex of the SD ah basketball shoes ah shoes ah can be washed like this, only rub outside, which does not wash inside the smelly ~~~~~~ but the cortex does not hang to dry, because it is easy to have a slight deformation. It should be done in a cool and dry place, and the dry and fine water can be thrown off before it is dried.

No need to go to any store, as I absolutely can protect your sneakers.

Shoes do not have to wash too often but do not be dirty can not see can not be washed before washing, I buy the mesh shoes are mostly white, usually wash about once a month, but if it rains all wet outside I come back Will certainly wash and then dry, or easily deformed Oh!

It is best not to wear a pair of oh every day, 2, 3 pairs of wear will be very protective shoes, do not wear running shoes to play basketball, do not know much about grinding soles! ! According to the function of shoes to wear.

To say so much is to hope that you love your shoes. The shoes are really worn. It is easy to wear 3 pairs of clothes and wear 2 years. Of course, if you do intense exercise, you will have to wear soles. It's hard to say.

A pair of good shoes can take you to a good place, remember this.