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Most men do not have a pair of tide shoes

As the official workplace on the second highest degree of shoes shoes, Mencius shoes and was affectionately known as monk shoes or monk shoes, of course, depends on the word Monk, and these scholars are indeed a great relationship with the Zen enlightenment. Monk is the monk, the meaning of monks, I believe you as early as in the high school word list on the contact, these high people before the emergence of shoelaces, early to wear a similar horizontal with decorative and metal buckle modeling shoes, which about To be traced back to the 11th century Rome, is said to be the only shoe style. Later, the time flies for more than 400 years, the class shoes repeatedly improved, and ultimately by the Italian monk officially designed and named the monk shoes. This strap attached to the tongue on the band is called monk-strap, making Meng Ke than other shoes, solid structure, but also more popular than the sandals on the feet fit, but also play a protective role, very suitable for monasticism The daily work of the people. And these clerical staff because of the social status of the reason, at the time as the current street beat the influx of people generally have a strong convincing, and always lead the fashion trend, Meng Ke shoes in addition to popular among them, has also occupied the mainstream trend.

After several centuries of development and improvement, Munch's most prominent sign of the crossed metal buckle becomes wide, and even derived from a variety of wonderful style, but almost no more than a few single buckle, double buckle, three buckle or even cross Take a belt. Among them, double buckle with Meng Ke shoes with leisure and formal style can be found in the balance, can be rigorous reebok outlet store and easy to reebok pump control the ability to become the current leader style. Single buckle is the opposite, because the closest to the early monks to wear the same, giving people mature and stable, easy to neat impression, usually with the classic suits together with the emergence of the remaining three buckle or cross style is relatively rare. But no matter what the difference between the buckle, but it will not affect the monk shoes with the skill, in addition to no lace, this is easier than Oxford, but also after the Derby shoes can be and the ironing on the pants Feet, but also match with the hole cowboy. So, even if it has a long history, but also in the 1840s to become the then it shoe. To World War II, but also designated as the US Air Force officers official reebok pump shoes. Due to the diversification of the shape, as well as the brand to the last bit, fight leather, perforated eye decoration and other ways to improve the new, but also distributed abstinence and yuppie temperament, easy to wear wild, then the future will be Meng Ke shoes foundation We practice the secret weapon of shoes.

Mencius shoes chic for all to see, but why do we rarely see the domestic street tide men wear this shoe? Although in recent years with the retro resurgence has a leading trend, but still difficult to phase small individual feel that this is because the established shape of the view, many men, especially young and fresh meat-based, they feel Meng Ke shoes symbolic calm British The wind, it will inevitably be contaminated with a trace of old gas, this established concept on the one hand buried the taste of you, just because of the recognition of course, all kinds of shoes can only be referred to as shoes in general.