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New to buy high heels to do so, walk no longer hurt the foot!

Each girl's shoe there will be so few pairs of high heels, but it also makes people love and hate, with what it is reebok pump beautiful to wear, it can be worn and tired, and want to wear comfortable heels, the new Buy high heels to do so. First of all, the newly bought shoes are usually hard and tight. We can put the water in a sealed plastic bag and let the shoes freeze for a night in the freezer. Second, we find a tape, with tape affixed to the inside of the shoelace a few, you can prevent the shoelace friction walking instep. Finally, the soles of the new shoes are usually bright and beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, so they are most likely to slip on the road. To be safer, you can try grinding the sole rough with reebok classic sandpaper, so that it can increase the friction with the ground, walk more stable. So often wear high heels girls can be worn before this way to prevent injury, with these practical methods, high heels can be assured to wear today Xiaobian will recommend good-looking high heels to everyone.

Mouton with matte vamps, so that shoes full of low-key retro texture, the shoes are thin with the design, wear thin and full of delicate taste, pointed design, in line with the design of reebok store the whole shoe style, but also the foot Very small. Square shoes are not only comfortable to wear strong, there are full of retro atmosphere, soft and comfortable shoes fabric, with wool ball at the heel design, it looks full texture, but also increase the sense of the gentle, elegant retro Rough with the design is perfect fit the whole pair of shoes design style. The rough British wind shoes are the must-haves for the student party. The heel is designed to be especially thick and the walk is reebok pump very comfortable. The matte upper design makes the whole shoe full of high-level and understated texture and strap design. Full flavor, casual collocation will look good. Small rough with British style shoes is very suitable for the student party, the design of shoes is simple, decorated with bright dough leather uppers, so that the shoes exudes a high gloss, with brown heel, looks retro and advanced, there is a very Good sense of age reduction, shorts and wearing a strong sense of comfort. Square design with a square shoe buckle, so that the shoes are full of small fragrance of the high-level atmosphere, and the perfect heel design in line with human aesthetics, not only beautiful, walking is very comfortable, leather material, soft and comfortable to wear, breathable rob, Is the sister are worth starting shoes. Grandma shoes in this year is a special fire, this leather granny shoes, not only fabric soft and comfortable, the design is also particularly strong sense of the vamp pointed sharp point design, so that the whole shoe looks particularly layered, and shoes With a retro iron ring decoration, especially in line with comfort and retro grandma shoes features.