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Nine pants + sports shoes, spring and summer to create the most wear!

I heard that fashionable people have been ready for N nine pants, to wear with sports shoes. So what are you waiting for? To enjoy the unique charm of the two together it! Retro wind straight jeans have been occupied by the fashionable wardrobe, with it with sports shoes to wear, full of leisure is very suitable for the weekend to go out. Compared to tight-fitting pencil pants, straight pants-style wear more comfortable, modified leg-like effect is also better, so do not worry.

Using color wash process, bid farewell to monotonous version, creating a new visual effects. Burr trousers, washed cat to be, to create a full sense of the street leisure effect. Pants side struck hit color design, even more fashionable. Loose legs, as well as modified legs do not straight effect. Although the jeans is a straight version of the type, but a little bit tight, wearing both thin, and not too loose, no type. Trousers before the short after the long asymmetry of the burr and high waist design, minutes with long legs. And light blue washed color, it is in line with the definition of spring reebok outlet and summer small fresh. Trousers mixed shoes this trend you have not caught up? Capable of nine points trousers encounter casual shoes, crash out of the cremation will have an unexpected sense of fashion! After the spring, and small suit sets to wear even more neutral handsome.

Tobacco pants trousers, it can be said from the appearance looks bland, design a single. But its advantage is that the tailoring curve is perfect, so wear it can be a good shape. At the same time it focuses on plastic effect, pants close to the body, easily set off the thin legs, pretty waist and Qiao hip. And if you choose the thigh loose, calf to the ankle, gradually tighten the Harlan version of trousers, it was thin effect even better. Loose waist layout, comfortable to wear, easy to move. And can effectively modify the buttocks lines, while the thin and at the same time to avoid bloated wide leg pants upper body feeling Needless to say, and the legs of the baby as long as the exposed open ankle wide leg pants, easy to cover the meat was thin 5 pounds Proper. Accompanied by easy to create spring shoes, the most simple fashionable look.

Stripes stitching, can be described as one of the most tide this year. To the main stripes, visually elongated stature, the waist with the same color oblique stripes stitching, coupled with lace, highlighting the three-dimensional, while avoiding the upper body of the monotonous, the formation of a high waist design ~ fashion fine are in the grab Wear it! Pants with relatively thin fabrics, but not so no type, full of texture. At the same time made a pleated style, walking can be said to be full of Xianqi, elegant and dynamic, but also refused your bloated lower body. Was thin retro, but also temperament, how can there be reason to refuse it?