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Not out of date juvenile artifact, proud of small white shoes

Spring footsteps in the slowly approaching, spring season, light travel is imperative, but wearing the season is always the most important homework, as last year, "Little White Shoes" trend is boundless, simple wild, Fashionable personality, do not love is difficult! Careful girls will find small white shoes in any age, anywhere is so popular. Hong Kong really, no matter what color you buy this year or what style of clothes, can use a pair of universal small white shoes perfect hold live. So now into the topic now! The But the coat of the wearing of the design to match the skill, with different routines, interpretation of the different style of temperament. And to say one of the most simple and stylish with the classic, non-coat + small white shoes none other!

High-quality texture of the gray coat full of temperament, and small white shoes to do with, you can create the most elegant combination of color. The most simple to the number of black trousers, black and white gray three classic combinations of colors are mixed with the fashionable texture. Camel coat elegant gas field in the small white shoes against the background, become playful and tense, low-key mature beauty and youth vitality Fan can become so match ~

This time we will ask, what pants to wear good, of course, will wear to wear small black trousers, to ensure that rude Oh! The most eye-catching red to wear clothing fashion sense, there is no doubt that the ride is the key. And fashion fine is reebok pump the favorite line is a striped shirt + black pants + small white shoes, graceful and handsome and capable, can be a good way to weaken the sense of publicity is red. Red coat is simple and stylish and was thin and tall, can be described as one of the basic necessities in the wardrobe. And red and white with the never-ending with the rules of gold, with a small white shoes to decorate the black coat and then fit. Universal match, but also by age, 40-year-old can wear the feeling of 18-year-old school flowers, than the skirt + small white shoes, and this proud of the match, known as the fashion industry Wanjin oil skirt never summer exclusive, warm Of the spring, skirt + small white shoes with, more of some playful sense, upper body with tight or loose sweater, denim jacket, suit jacket, jacket, windbreaker, woolen coat will be different styles.

Anyway, small white shoes is the case, how can take a different effect, different personality. Xiaofang asked me, "What is the last thing to say," I just want to say three words "small white shoes" If you want to match this period with a period of time, I hope is a million years.