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Peas shoes with the clean up, you get it?

Peas shoes, also known as lazy drag, the major show all over their shadow. Quietly reveal their slender ankle, so that your sexy up up! It is not only in vain, and the comfort is excellent, was the girlfriend mother girlfriend to pull the mall to go shopping malls are not tired feet, driving time is necessary it. Those who do not pursue individuality, steady and pragmatic men, the best choice of brown Peas shoes, it is not like black so old, dull, it is very wild, all year round can wear. Summer is best to wear a pair of light-colored Peas shoes, such as white, yellow, beige, orange, etc., of course, blue is also a very cool personality choice. Below to wear a beige seven casual pants, the best is the kind of tight! That you are the focus of the crowd, the focus of fashion! If it is dark purple Peas shoes, coupled with a white casual suit jacket, dark gray trousers, can be said to be fashionable and not stable, a successful job appearance! If you go to the beach, go vacation, go to some leisure and comfortable place, then to a pair of light-colored Peas shoes, preferably blue, accompanied by a white T, a cowboy pants, a lazy and comfortable The feeling immediately upper body.

If you have a pair of dark peas shoes, would like to try a cool handsome style, may wish to try to wear a dark green trousers. Peas shoes not only with reebok shoes the casual wind, even the suits can be used, those who can wear high-level business, who said they can only wear shoes. The simplest match is white T, black pencil pants, black Peas shoes, 40-year-old people who can hold live Oh Peas shoes with leather belt type, there are simple leather belt lace. In general we all use the most simple bow play. First open the lace to both ends, and then use two hands to play two laces were two circles, and then cross them, put a circle to another circle below, and then pull up. The last is to adjust the size of both sides of the bow, adjust to the same big on it. On the Peas shoes can be washed with a little water to wet peas, with a brush brush gently, be sure to gently, or it will easily hurt it, but reebok classic also along the brush, or will lose the leather The Or wet with a soft towel, use the side of the hair gently wipe the upper side. Towels can not be too wet, or will leave water stains, affecting the appearance. After washing as long as the ventilation can reebok classic be dry naturally, not recommended in the sun under the sun, after drying some of the upper, it is not to rub the shoes. After drying in the upper to sprinkle some frosted powder, smear evenly, gently brush with a few teeth can then be placed in the shade to dry.