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Puzzled for years, why the new shoes to send new newspapers in the newspaper?

Dress up this matter, whether it is a small range of literary and artistic children, or petty bourgeoisie, even if the bones reveals a clear lazy boy, love shoes, not seeking Ambilight, but also soft and leisurely. Can shoes to buy so much, which always plug the newspaper, you know why? What would you do with old newspapers? Directly lost or saved to sell scrap? In fact, there are many magical newspapers, it is you do not know! New shoes in the new newspaper in the newspaper, in general, have the following several roles. Newspaper free to knead into groups, help to fixed the shape of the shoe bag, and the newspaper is soft, will not increase the shoe bag. Because the beginning of the use of shoes will be a little tight, when the shoes do not have time, you can also plug the newspaper to achieve the role of stereotypes. Newspaper paper more absorbent, can play a dehumidified dry magical effect. Many insects do not like the smell of ink in the newspaper, so stuffed the newspaper, can play the role of pest control. Newspaper deodorant effect is very good, the new shoes, the taste of the new package will be relatively large. With the newspaper as a scent, a long time the smell will be reebok classic greatly improved. Black and white with the classic look is the pain, you see the shoes that hit the color of the stripes design it? Is it a kind of familiar feeling? Do you remember that you have been back to the shoes? This pair of shoes to absorb the classic shoes of the creative, with everyone so that we all feel familiar with the stripes decoration, leisure style, the feet will be able to feel comfortable Oh ~

With high casual canvas shoes. Black and white base models, simple and stylish, against each other, perfect match, to pure color shoes to increase the Smart and dynamic beauty Oh. Wear comfortable and natural, give your feet extreme comfort. Shoes come to the purpose of this world and only reebok classic one, to wear feet. Casual shoes and the most comfortable contact with the earth, giving the original is a sense of security, small black shoes, fresh and simple literature is not significant monotonous, the world is so big, put it more to go with her (him) Meet with you, you know how nice you are. Speaking of canvas shoes, classic small white shoes can not do it This little white shoes fabric breathable soft and very strong, tendon tendon anti-skid wear effect super good Oh. Whether you are young, a pair of canvas small white shoes always make you become more dynamic, and gas field full. Regardless of your tide male qualifications enough senior enough, a stylish high canvas shoes can give you the overall effect with a lot of points, with casual reebok pump pants let casual upgrade, and with the dress, the more yuppie style Fan. In short is the effect of wild, fashion effect properly.