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Quit high heels and bags, this summer to choose it

For girls, shoes and bags for girls is very important to exist, with a good or bad shoes and bags have a very important role, bags and shoes like poison, let the woman put it down, simply quit Out. This summer you can not miss this few popular. I do not know reebok pump since when the retro has become the darling of the fashion industry, with the modern fashion interpretation of the past trend do not have some flavor, unknowingly retro bag has become a female friend's pursuit of a single product, retro bag is characterized by simple design Bright colors, able to light your dress. Flat shoes, although wearing a very comfortable, but did not elongate the role of the legs line, you want to change the second long legs, so comfortable thick heels thick shoes are very suitable. This summer the most reebok pump popular style or a waterproof platform with the thick and thick, so that the wind continues to blow the retro. The design of the shoes can be said to be very simple, relying on three parallel words on the composition of this fashionable high heels, three parallel lines to modify the footsteps of the lines, so that your feet look reebok classic more slender, Of the reebok pump heel, fully embodies your feminine taste.

A buckle sandals is also very popular this summer, a single product, compared to the strap sandals it will be slightly simple, simple word buckle in the ankle, and instantly stretched the legs of the lines, so that your body proportions To achieve perfection, it is also a wild single product, no matter how good to wear to see. Shiny metal color on the foot is very significant temperament, mirror effect, so you pocketed the rate, to create a temperament queen. Shoes hollow design, a little bit of small sexy at the same time very feminine. Pointed toe, it is brought a trace of sexy taste. A shoe can reduce the impact of shoes, shoes, design contrary to your expectations, pointed fine heels, very feminine, highlights the mature side of women, but this shoe joined the Velcro design, and Using a very lovely pink and sweet flowers, so that this shoe is full of fun. In this summer my sister who do not casually choose high heels and bags, and choose this moment the most popular style, so that this summer the most eye-catching that one.