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Refreshing summer sandals, simple and stylish, elegant and charming ~

Summer is coming soon, when it comes to summer wear, must not be less sandals and slippers. But wearing sandals, slippers, although cool, convenient, most afraid of bad to walk. Hot summer, summer exclusive sandals, do you have it? Cool, a pair of simple sandals, easily highlights the fashion style, handsome exercise sandals show field, highlight your extraordinary taste. Come and choose a pair of exclusive sandals for their own, do a simple and elegant tide woman, not only can bring you fresh summer, and lead the trend. Dating back to BC 3500, the ancient Egyptians have made raw leather shoelaces, knotted into a soles with straw rope. Smart Egyptian women decorate the jewelry on top, simple sandals beautiful and sunscreen. Today, the sandals style has been developed to the foot only a few fine shoelaces, women's feet so unreservedly exposed in the eyes of the full view of this, reebok classic glamorous, not square things. Since ancient times, sandals style has also been played by the people of the new tricks, it is dazzling. The Persians of the toe slope with sandals; the Roman queen's gold shoes soles sandals; Africans with pig skin sewing out "a pedal" ... ... but these a variety of sandals and the most primitive Egyptian style has been Great difference. In fact, apart from these complicated materials and styles, the ancient Egyptians have long told the natural essence of our sandals - a pair of good sandals should highlight the character of the feet, rather than other fancy items.

Wearing a long high-heeled shoes, in the summer can be changed to wear flat sandals or high-heeled sandals, goddess still still. Fashionable girls, for the requirements of the feet as much as the clothes with the stress; a pay attention to it, then the reebok outlet store details of the more. A lot of pro-all high-heeled shoes, on the one hand is to enhance personal height, on the other hand is to enhance personal temperament and then to clothing with the required; but for some high or relatively moderate height, they prefer flat or Slightly with some of the shoes. They began to choose the different angles of fashion, there is a strange selection of shoes and with the law. Some people like to use flat bottom, thickening at the end to properly increase the height, to enhance the elegant temperament also made for their goddess tune. In the summer random with a diamond, retro small stone, woven belt, hollow, etc. to reveal the beautiful foot type, acquiescence to show the beautiful. Has been for high-heeled shoes from the body of the girls, in the summer is also a beautiful family. Want to be more comfortable with their own clothing and feet, which need more in the street or the Internet to find their own style for the foot of the "dry" to arm themselves, the United States and the tone is also on this subtle.

Fashion and comfort with you a summer, wild not the same season, the summer charm to make this pair of leisure and comfortable open-toed shoes become more different, it is every step of the foreword of fashion, insoles with soft and delicate inside very breathable Super move, foot feeling delicate and comfortable, wet perspiration, gentle care of your feet, enough cool fashion this summer. Drill pearl open toe fashion a pair of sandals, so that you princess Fan full, sexy and elegant with a noble, luxurious pearl embellishment in the upper, rich and not obvious messy, add beautiful fashion rhinestones, pretty elegant atmosphere of the wind From, but also very obvious was thin, easy to wear summer big legs! For a short girl if you want to choose to increase the need to wear clothing with the United States and the United States of temperament, on the election with coarse sandals! Let you wear out the street smooth and comfortable shopping how are not reebok outlet store tired feet, a whole to give you a comfortable and beautiful enjoyment. Want to travel the crush on the selection of a comfortable and beautiful flat sandals, let you go out to play all day will not feel tired, very natural and enjoy the beauty!