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Retro rough heels, with the beauty of the times

Retro style swept the fashion circle, many years ago, her mother through the clothes and shoes and once again returned to your body ~ then of course, and ultimately for their own back on a pair of retro meaning full of coarse reebok shoes heels. Compared with the fine with the elegant, thick with the retro style is easier to match, a set of retro style and more personality. Selection of leather as leather to help the surface cortex, high gloss, feel smooth; small pointed design, with your unparalleled reebok classic fashion sense. The overall pure tone so that the shoes have a simple both visual sense, the toe of the irregular design played a very good modification, it is suitable for professional women choose a thick heels. Rough with the design is very intimate, reebok pump comfortable height, short leg star can also change the big long legs. Comfortable and intimate inside design, so that the perfect fit between the feet and shoes; patent leather material, coupled with the shiny metal buckle buckle pattern, looks very modern girl's feeling. With a stealth within the increase, reebok shoes wear shopping are no problem, do not worry about the foot will be tired. Toe and heel at the metal buckle, so that this shoe looks metallic full, full of fashion taste. Carefully see also found that the toe at the bright diamond embellishment, is not very seductive it?

Made of delicate sheepskin made, skin-friendly soft, very high comfort. Toe bow design, with the white upper, the whole with a trace of elegant atmosphere; intimate design of the metal buckle, it seems very high sense of a sense. Warm silk color, just look strong sense of retro; smooth silk fabric is more able to improve the grade, law-abiding not wrong style, you are responsible for the United States, it is only responsible for good wear, can be worthy of any match you can The To help face the use of suede sheep leather fabric, feels very smooth and comfortable; metal heel, full of fashion. Pure bean sand color, put on the color was very clear. If you happen to choose a set of dark clothing, then this shoe will be your best embellishment.