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Sandals can only wear a season, this year's new sandals you bought it

Sister who have the same feeling it, in a number of dress with, because the frequent wear, hot summer, sweating over water and so will accelerate the aging of sandals, so sandals are a year and a quarter must be new to buy with the same time for women Speak in the summer of all sexy feet, a pair of exposed toes of the sandals to white slender feet half exposed, this still holds partly concealed beauty you will understand, the gods know more. Put on such a pair of shoes, painted nail polish with the goddess dating, your beauty, from the inside out, feel heaven and earth, this situation can be memorized. In the match from the upper body to the feet, with the same color with how will not go wrong. Summer wear a word with sandals can most of the feet exposed on the outside, coated with the same color nail polish is a sexy burst; rough with the banding shoes have an exotic, with the national wind dress that is better; Bread of the sandals on the early attempts to high heels sister paper is really a very good choice. When it comes to the summer, the sandals are ready to get up! No woman who rejected the beauty of Brinlin, bright things like deep female favorite, this sandals with a lot of custom diamond, the diamond made of various colors of flowers wrapped around the sexy ankle, In the natural light shining with a charming light, especially in the night light is moving. Although the heel is higher than the sky, but the angle is excellent, wearing and flat shoes feel the same, this is the big gas field, is completely short sister's gospel. High-quality Korean velvet with a comfortable leather, hit color design is more heart, so a pair of texture and wild shoes worthy of you have. For those who are not used to wear high-heeled shoes, thick sandals shoes can simply save the Milky Way. Inside and outside the whole leather, comfortable looks like to turn the sky. The grass of the grass, green color for the hot summer to bring the slightest fresh, texture of the rivets embedded in the shoes, very personalized.

Pointed design simple and charm, the more simple design to the texture to win, glossy patent leather texture, inside the leather cut, micro-bomb at the bottom of the foot is very comfortable, walking more gentle. The latter part of the thin belt design is able to show slender ankle, looks super sexy. Hot summer is the most needed is the style of reebok classic back to nature, both generous and very elegant, whether it is wide leg pants, skirt or popular summer all reebok pump kinds of clothing reebok outlet store can be a good wear, sheep skin material, bring you Noble texture, comfortable wearing experience.