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Sandals to wear on, look at your foot type for what shoes

The weather is getting warmer, the girls have to prepare in advance beautiful tired of the sandals, and every girl has a princess dream, then do not miss the same as the beautiful sandals like crystal shoes. These are carefully selected by Xiao Bian. Girls have to pick sandals according to foot type, the following Xiaobian for everyone to explain. 1, sensual type

This kind of foot type is small feet, feet white, but the feet of meat a lot, a kind of lovely feeling. This type of foot is suitable for bundled sandals and T-type sandals.

2, skinny type

This kind of foot type and the sense of bone just the opposite, there is no meat on the feet, but we have to know that the object is anti, too thin, then people will feel blue veins raised, this is not very good. Such foot wear satin sandals or twisted floral sandals can be.

3, toes flat type

This foot type said that there is no shortcomings, but wearing a pointed shoes is not harmonious, and this foot type suitable for fish mouth sandals.

The trend of sandals, shoes, good texture, wear very temperament, heel is very stable, put it will let you in the crowd exudes a unique charm, and thus stand out, simple shoe design, plus decorative straps, so reebok classic You love it. The highest value of the most like a retro type of rivets Roman high-heeled sandals, Xiao Bian feel red reebok pump more maverick, with pants with pants with wide, tight no problem, quite let you worry, let you instant Has 170 long legs. The word dragged with sandals, rubber soles, very comfortable feet, and put on a very young, so you more self-confidence, highlighting the unique elegance of a woman generous, there is a good advantage is a good match, skirt Pants are hold live. Fashion beautiful fine sandals, black and white colors are two, soles are high wear-resistant rubber at the end, heel is relatively high, will pull up your body ratio, for those little girls is a very good choice, And very comfortable Oh. Wearing a gentle dress, dating beautiful spring began to warm, fish mouth high-heeled sandals, very sexy, looks like a hazy beauty, walking very stable, wearing not tired, with particularly high, so you look more Tall and charming, elegant temperament of the tall beauty. A sports and leisure shoes, version of the type is particularly good, slightly high, reebok outlet store very high quality, buy this sports sandals is very cost-effective, good match is another advantage, whether it is pants skirt all hold live, it will give you surprise.