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Shoes 4 categories, feet also glory!

Shoes have a special meaning for boys, many boys in the first pair of shoes when the first time is often to work for the interview or graduation ceremony, right? To a suit with, to create a mature and confident manhood. However, many boys first pair of shoes is likely to be purchased by their reebok shoes parents, there is no choice, nor the high demand for it. But now have the economic capacity for their own work to buy and attend important occasions, or want to enhance the overall shape of the shoes, often into the shoes shop to face the total of different shoes, feel the invisible pressure and I do not know how to choose the problem. In order to pick the shoes when the time to solve your doubts and can not start the problem, today we give you the selection of four types of shoes, so that you choose the time to avoid the blind choice, know what the most suitable for their own. The tongue is another seam on the shoes on both sides of the skin has been extended to the middle, when tied with a shoelace, the wings will be combined into a whole piece of the upper, so that the instep bear greater pressure, so more suitable for thin instep And narrow men. Is introduced today, four kinds of shoes in the most formal sense of decent and the traditional sense of a gentleman. Loafer means no shoes, shoes, shallow shoes easy to wear off the shoes, is characterized by simple design, easy to wear, similar to sneaker inside the slip-on. Its main decoration is located on the upper, decorated on the tongue is simple and a little personality. Loafer walk between the leisurely reebok classic and formal positioning, is one of the men's essential shoes, both simple and orthodox, double definition of choice.

Monk Strap is a kind of no shoelace, the straps will be the upper shoes of the evolution, joined the metal buckle with the belt to wear, when the strap shoes have not yet appeared, Monk Strap shoes are quite popular and popular, and the design more Is derived from the reebok pump old monk's shoes, men's shoes is the most important style of a. In addition to the shoe shoes design, shoes on the Brogue (carved) design also has considerable knowledge. Of course, carvings mainly appear in Oxford's shoes, also divided into different types, such as: