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Shoes do not fit, always wear to know

The selection of shoes is like a companion, the beginning of our selection is the kind of look together eyes, but some of the shoes is the kind of start looking not very good, but more comfortable through. And some looked at the thief Lara's beautiful cool, but he was very awkward to wear, reebok pump wearing the longer the reebok classic more feel uncomfortable. So, ah, the choice of shoes is really a technical live, always wear more, wear a long time to know the most in their own feet in the end which one. Good comfort, high value, so a pair of wild sandals must be your longest exit of the shoe that one. This summer super popular buckle multi-layer sticky sandals, sports can be casual, but also both fashionable. Make your sandals on this smooth floor, rubbing friction. Pearl word buckle shallow sandals. This pair of shoes look at the United States, the foot is obviously thin temperament, and sexy and Western style feeling. Tip to modify the foot type, the more through the like. Pearl embellishment on a look on the grade, definitely not the kind of cheap goods can be compared. So far, this pair of shoes has become the highest number of my shoes in the highest rate of a friends Leather sandwich sandals. Both simple and wild, full of leisure resort wind, is definitely your daily home travel essential shoes. Leather texture, soft breathable not grinding feet, code is positive, no color. Summer is the most needed is such a beautiful and comfortable shoes. Concave shape necessary Oh

Word buckle with sandals. The first attempt to high heels sister must look at this pair of shoes, really is recommended. Shoes in the hands do not feel very good to see, but a foot feel immediately came, super temperament! Although it is high-heeled, but put on the feeling like flat shoes, not tired feet. Retro Roman sandals. Have to say that this pair of shoes is really on the mirror. The fabric reebok outlet is soft and the feet are comfortable. The thickness of the soles are also my intention, thin pad feet, thick and no look, this pair of good, thick just right. Obviously thin white, especially painted nail polish, that feeling not too beautiful. Thick sandy sandals. Exquisite workmanship no smell, shoelace is the kind of magic buckle, but it is very strong. Golden super looks white feet, take pictures also look good. Thick shoes at the same time wearing a high degree of comfort is not Wei feet. Because it is a loose shoes so rainy days do not worry about the soles of the water. Bohemian hair ball sandals. This pair of shoes is simply too beautiful. Wearing a lot of people boast out of my shoes is very good look. Although the tape is very long, wearing a little bit so little trouble, but can not stand its beauty, did not affect my love for this pair of shoes. What else can stop the woman's beauty?