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Shoes maintenance method soccer shoes men's shoes

Want to exercise on the pitch, how can less shoes it? A pair of good shoes that is very expensive, or to maintain good, shoes, the correct way of maintenance is what? For different people, the fate of the shoes may be killed in the battlefield, perhaps aging in the box. To running shoes, for example, most of the life of 500-800 km or so; on the basketball shoes, according to different venues, life in 50-80 or so. So what is the rival of the shoes? And how in reebok classic the face of these sworn enemies, as much as possible to extend its life, so that it is dead

Shoes rivals:

1, sweat, as if the human body is too heavy moisture, a long time, can not sick? The 2, upper cracks, prolonged movement deformation or arctic weather attack. 3, the role of oxidation, collectors are always pain, new shoes turn yellow, and then into powder, but the problem of time.

Shoes maintenance methods: 1, desiccant + plastic bags, absorb water vapor, anti-aging, conventional weapons, collectors essential. Shoes in the moisture-proof paper, shoes do not casually lost. 2, cleaning agents, in fact, the best damp cloth, will not corrode shoes, and for stubborn stains, had to let the detergent play, today will send a well-known end of the shoes cleaners. 3, conservation of ointment, people face, painted cream, shoes to the surface, rub ointment. Plastic shoes, of course not, but the leather or leather or still have a facial care. Shoes of the sworn enemy and maintenance methods to introduce here, and say that workers should be good things must first of its profits, if the shoes are not good, how can kick out the beautiful ball?